Idolatry and 'Creature Worship'.

Their religion has become a symbol of salvation just like the flag and the ark in Noah's day.

Obedience and loyalty to the Watchtower organization is required. [1]

Serve God is in the Bible but where did serve the organization come from? [1]

In this way the Watchtower has become their God and savior. It is their vehicle to eternal life, instead of Jesus alone.

JW's are required to obey Jehovah God AND the organization. JW's have two masters. They answer to two authorities, instead of only God who is a spirit. John 4:24; Acts 5:29; Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Idolatry and 'creature worship' is forbidden in the Watchtower Society. They can't honor humans to excess.

However human Elders, the human Governing Body, and the human organization is an exception. JW's must never seriously question or challenge the organization. Doing so leads to disfellowshipping and being shunned by immediate family and friends.

Religious Hypocrisy.

Apparently taking your mom out to lunch once a year, giving her a gift, and saying 'I love you' is honoring your mother too much. Celebrating Mother's Day is not allowed.

Birthdays are not celebrated either because that would 'focus too much attention on the individual'. Watchtower Nov 15, 2003, Questions From Readers, re: birthstones.

JW's are told it's 'creature worship' to honor humans 'to excess'. However Elders, the Governing Body, and organizational leaders are not only honored to excess, - they are also obeyed. Wow!

Critics see it like this. Your mother and father must not be honored to excess because that would be creature worship. But honoring Elders to excess by obeying them, is encouraged and in fact required.

JW's must never question the authority of Elders or disagree with what the Watchtower teaches.

Because the Watchtower censors information and websites, the minds of JW's are controlled. The only perspective they are allowed to consider is the perspective of the Watchtower publishing company.


1. Watchtower quotes: Obey Us