Is Disfellowshipping Christian?

Some religions keep members in control is by fear, mind control, emotional control, and intimidation. e.g. You are told that the end of the world in coming and if you cancel your religious membership you will not have everlasting life. You must follow every doctrine no matter how small or you will be punished. A handful of tiny radical religions go once step further and practice disfellowshipping or a total cutting off of people from their families and friends.

In some churches members in good standing are not allowed to acknowledge or talk to an expelled person unless it is absolutely necessary. If you speak with someone who is being shunned, you are also subject to the same punishment and could be disfellowshipped as well if you question the authority of your religious leaders.

Legally churches have been able to get away with disfellowshipping members and avoiding all contact with them, because our country permits freedom of religion. However, is it Bible based for any religion to demand such loyalty even when people know their disfellowshipped loved ones are not guilty of any crimes that the Apostle Paul mentioned? Many disfellowshipped people have done nothing more than disagree with the way their church interprets the Bible.

Also did the Apostle Paul mention anything about not speaking with a Christian who is not guilty of a serious crime? [1] [2] [3] All he mentioned was not to associate with people who do hurtful things. Isn't this common sense? If you are a loving follower of Christ, why would you choose to hang out with people who are thieves and murders?

Lastly we must remember that Christians are, by definition, followers of Jesus Christ, not the Apostle Paul or any other church that was founded after Jesus died. [2] The words of Jesus should be our primary focus. Everything else is like icing on the cake. If Jesus didn't teach it, it's not required for our salvation.

Apostasy began to set into the Christian church as soon as Jesus died. Today we have hundreds of Christian churches all with slightly different teachings. Some rely only on the words of Jesus, others believe in the teachings of Jesus plus the early Christian congregation. And unfortunately a few religions claim to be Christian, but they're not following the example of Jesus at all. They have 'run ahead' of the teachings of Christ and do not have God according to 2 John 1: 9 - 11 NIV

Here's a list of 141 things Jehovah's Witnesses can't do. Ask yourself, 'Did Jesus forbid his followers from doing these things? If not, why are Jehovah's Witnesses judged harshly based on rules Jesus did not teach? Are Jehovah's Witnesses Christians? Are they following the teachings of Jesus? Have Jehovah's Witnesses run ahead of the teachings of Jesus? Are they the only true Christian religion?

Why not buy a Bible from a bookstore with the words of Jesus highlighted in red. (The NWT has many serious errors.) Read only the words of Jesus. Meditate and pray on their meaning. What Jesus said, is not complicated. His message was clear and easy to understand. It will be obvious to you that disfellowshipping was not something Jesus would have approved of. Even though Jesus was not afraid to disagree and speak God's truth, he was a perfect example of God's unconditional love.

For example, Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies. He said, "If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?' Matt 5: 44 - 47 NIV. Jesus even forgave his executioners while he was dying on the cross (or stake). Luke 23:34

Related Information

1. The Apostle Paul said 'Expel the wicked man from among you'. 1 Cor 5:13. In 1 Cor 6 Paul says that the 'saints' will judge the world and even angels, however are church elders saints qualified to judge the world and angels? Also according to his own testimony, Paul “violently persecuted” the “church of God” (followers of Jesus) prior to his conversion to Christianity. Paul's conversion can be dated to around AD 33 by his reference to it in one of his letters. There is no evidence that Paul knew Jesus personally. He certainly couldn't have understood the teachings of Jesus as well as the disciples who followed Jesus when Jesus was alive. None of the disciples of Jesus talked about expelling Christians from the congregation. Facts About The Apostle Paul

2. Christians follow the teachings of Jesus. Apostasy began to set in immediately after Jesus died. Today we have hundreds of Christian churches all with different beliefs based on their interpretation of what Jesus said. One opinion is not better than another. However Christians should not 'add' to the teachings of Jesus. Bible clearly says, 'Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; ... If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take him into your house or welcome him. Anyone who welcomes him shares in his wicked work.' 2 John 1: 9 - 11 NIV

Does this mean that the Apostle John recommended disfellowshipping. No he did not. See Do Not Say A Greeting and find out what this scripture means.

The best way to understand God's will is to follow the 'teachings of Christ' and the words Jesus spoke.

3. Paul openly admitted to being a Pharisee AFTER he became the Apostle Paul! Get all the Facts About The Apostle Paul.

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