Is There A God?

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Aug 22, 2011. Recently i have been watching a lot of debates as to whether god exists and if he does exist can he be just and or display the qualities such as love mercy and justice.

i read one of your articles where you class Jehovah as 'somewhat' of a tyrant, and that he has wiped out entire cites/civilizations in a 'fit of rage' it also seems that most crimes are punishable by death so my question is how does the bible justify attributing qualities to Jehovah that he very rarely shows? i mean, if you are the god of love and mercy how can it possibly be justifiable to order genocide such as the cananites and amalek, i mean even if every single adult in canaan was sinful in the eyes of jehova how is it just or merciful or indeed loving to order that babies and children also be killed?

  • Reply: There appears to be a difference between the theology of Jesus and the theology of Jehovah. 'God the Father' (of Jesus) is kind to the 'unthankful and the wicked'. The God of Jesus is merciful and forgiving. Luke 6:35-37.
  • Jehovah on the other hand hates wickedness. It is unlikely that a timeless God would change his beliefs. It is more likely that our understanding of God and his intense love for us has evolved over time. The Bible has many authors and was written over hundreds of years.

Aug 8, 2011. Hey guess what!! There IS NO GOD!! Nope! None! It's all been a big mistake, because we just couldn't explain ourselves or our world or .... anything! But now we can .... find out for yourself and you too will be convinced that all this stuff is totally unnecessary! Just 'do as you would be done by' and we'll all get along fine! No hell! No Armageddon! (Unless we bring it on ourselves!) and sorry! no Heaven - just relax and be YOU and live the one life you get as best you can!