A Jealous God.

God Is Jealous.

In the end, everyone will answer directly to God for the life they led and the decisions they made, - no one else.

The Watchtower says this, "Jehovah is “a God who is jealous (zealous); a God not tolerating rivalry.” (Exodus 20:5, footnote) Being the Creator, he has the right to demand our exclusive devotion.' (WT July 15, 2001, Article 'Are You Truly Tolerant?', Subtitle 'Jehovah Is Forgiving All Your Error')

Even though the Watchtower admits that interfering with your personal relationship with God cannot be tolerated, this rule doesn't seem to apply to them.

Instead of merely being teachers of Jehovah's laws, they are competing with God for obedience, devotion, and 100% loyalty.

Those who challenge Watchtower authority are judged and disfellowshipped.

The organization says that rebellion against them is virtually the same as rebellion against God. Is this not the same as rivalry with God?

JW's have much more power than they believe they have but they need to work together to put their religious leaders in their place and God in his. If Jehovah doesn't tolerate rivalry, then JW's should heed the Watchtower's advice and answer only to God.

Religious leaders should be teachers, not representatives of God! Why belittle God by trying to 'represent' him? Who's perfect enough to do that? Why treat God like a child who cannot speak for himself? He is all powerful and perfectly capable of guiding each one of us as we reach out to him in prayer, love, thankfulness, and appreciation.

Some people like belonging to a religion and there's nothing wrong with that, but organizations are not the path to salvation. They should never meddle in God's business of judging who's 'wicked' and who's not. God gave us life and he's the only one who can extend it.

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