My Experience Leaving The Watchtower Society.

by Bill Borden

I was born into the Jehovah's Witness faith and was proud to belong to the best religion on the planet. I believed no one else had the truth and understood the Bible better than the Watchtower Society.

However, after 1975 I became unhappy with my religion and left. I could no longer be a hypocrite. I could no longer go door to door and tell people that studying the Bible by reading Watchtower publications will make them happy. I was not happy. I also saw that my religion was wrong about the end of the world coming in 1975. Many of my dearest friends trusted the Watchtower Society and lost everything for their faithfulness to Jehovah.

Leaving The Watchtower.

After I stopped going to meetings, the elders disfellowshipped me. When I questioned their decision, one of the elders pointed his finger at me in anger and said, 'If we don't get you on this, we'll get you on something else, BUT WE WILL GET YOU!!!' At that moment I knew the Watchtower Society was not God's organization because God would never speak to me like that. I knew I was no longer welcome and I'm grateful to this day that they showed their true colors while I was still young.

At that time I was taking care of my elderly Grandmother who was a Jehovah's Witness and in poor health. She pressured me for many months to go back to the Kingdom Hall. She said that everyone missed me and wanted to see me again. So to please her, I decided to go to a meeting. Immediately one of the elders came up to me and said, 'I'm glad you're here. Please don't be offended if no one speaks with you.' I said, 'No. Of course I won't be offended.' You could hear him breath a sign of relief. Then I said, 'But if I don't feel welcome, I'll never come back.' He didn't know what to say, so he just walked away.

That was my last meeting at a Kingdom Hall over 30 years ago. It was not easy leaving my closest friends and some family members who were Witnesses, but I could no longer believe in a lie. Once God shows you the truth you can't go back.

I realized that if my friends and family wouldn't speak with me just because I disagreed with the teachings of the Watchtower, they were never my friends. They never loved me. Thinking back on all those years and all the good times we had together, I was convinced that they loved me when they really didn't. I knew I would find higher quality friends in the world because the Watchtower Society proved to me that it isn't possible to find people who love you unconditionally at a Kingdom Hall. You are only loved when you claim to believe everything they believe in. Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Cult?

Going to college after I left really helped me to see that people in 'the world' are not as wicked as the Watchtower Society told me they were. Some people in the world do things I wouldn't do, but 99% of them understand love much better than the Watchtower Society. Today I'm blessed with friends who have become my family. They love me unconditionally And their love for me is not conditional upon which religion I belong to.

If you're currently a Jehovah's Witness, you've been programmed by the Watchtower Society's publications to 'hate' me because you may believe I'm 'slandering God's organization. JW's believe that speaking out against the false teachings of the Watchtower, is a sin against God. This is absolutely not true. It's the Watchtower Society that's slandering God's name by teaching members to hate Jehovah's Witnesses who leave the organization. In doing so, they have rejected the love Jesus taught. Luke 6:27-41; Matthew 7:1; Matthew 5:44; Jesus is the path to eternal life, - not Jehovah. All authority has been given to Jesus.Matthew 28:18; Jude 1:21; John 3:36; See Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses [1]

For JW's who think Jesus is lesser than God, remember this. Jesus did away with the laws of Jehovah. Wouldn't that make Him greater than his father or at least equal? Who but God could rescind His own laws?

I would love to see the Watchtower Society grow and prosper but their doctrines would need to change for God to bless them. I see a future where all religions praise God's name by being examples of light and love. Imagine how much good Jehovah's Witnesses could do as a group if they keep what is good and discard all doctrines that bring shame upon God's name.

Jesus loved his enemies and even forgave his executioners. He was an example of God's unconditional love. Imagine how peaceful this planet would be if all religious leaders were examples of God's unconditional love.

Religions talk about world peace, but practice hatred towards everyone who is different. When will religions wake up? When will they learn to teach love instead of war? When will they show compassion and forgiveness instead of judgment and condemnation for everyone who is different. Refusing blood transfusions and not celebrating the holidays are doctrines. Religious dogma does not save people. [2] God saves people who are examples of his unconditional love.

Since all Jehovah's Witnesses love God, they need to see what Jehovah sees. They need to examine their religion and make sure of all things by considering opposing viewpoints, not just the rosy colored statements of the Watchtower.

Read all the articles on this site and watch the videos. Ask yourself. Are they honoring God's name or bringing reproach upon it? Look at what people are learning about the Watchtower Society. Are 'apostates' evil because they're exposing the truth? Or is the Watchtower Society evil for keeping their followers in spiritual darkness?

Is it possible that no one is 'evil'? Is it possible that religions have used the word 'evil' for centuries to keep people in fear and control? What if there's nothing to be afraid of?

Imagine a world where people are free to worship God in their own way. Instead of cursing people who belong to different religions, they pray for each other with love, appreciation, and understanding. Imagine a peaceful, paradise earth where people are not 'like minded' puppets who are forced to believe in exactly the same things. In this new, peaceful world, people are free to express themselves. They can have opinions. They can disagree. However they are like minded in one thing and one thing only. What is that? Unconditional love for one another. That's the love Jesus taught.

It's impossible for wickedness, 'evil', emotional pain, and suffering to exist in a new world where everyone loves their neighbor without conditions.

It is my vision that all religions hear God's voice and work towards world peace instead of hate. People can change and so can the Watchtower. Jehovah will bless them for making changes that honor his name. Watch the video: What Can Rainbows Teach Us About Religion and World Peace?

1. Some say that mind control may be a Theocratic War strategy used to protect the organization from harm at the expense of trusting Jehovah's Witnesses. Critics say that Watchtower publications contain copious amounts of propaganda, false assumptions, twisted things, and half truths. e.g. Notice the false assumptions in Apostates Slander Jehovah's Name

2. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees on several occasions for their preoccupation with strict laws and outward appearances but they neglected the love of God. Luke 11:42. Religious doctrines, rules and regulations do not save Christians. God saves Christians who follow the example of Jesus. See Are Jehovah's Witnesses Christians?

Leaving The Jehovah's Witnesses.