Failed Prophecies of the Watchtower.

Is The Watchtower A False Prophet?

What are the facts? If the Watchtower Society is God's organization, why did all of their prophecies for the end of the world fail? Was Jehovah wrong about 1914, 1915, 1925, World War 2, and 1975? See Which Religion Will Jehovah Save At Armageddon?

Jehovah's Witnesses that trusted the Watchtower Society completely paid a high price for their faithfulness.

The obvious truth is that God never lies. If Jehovah is guiding the Watchtower Society, none of these prophecies would have failed.

If the Watchtower Society has been wrong about the date for armageddon so many times, what else are they wrong about?

  1. Are they Jehovah's organization?
  2. Do they represent the faithful and discreet slave?
  3. Are they the only ones that can interpret the Bible correctly?
  4. Are they only religion in the world with truthful doctrines?
  5. Are all other religions 'false'?