Don't Be Fooled By Their Sincerity. They Are Not Politically Neutral.

Critics Explain Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Not What They Claim To Be.

Critics argue JW's are not politically neutral. It just looks that way because they don't vote, go to war, etc. That doesn't mean they're 'politically neutral'. Their political affiliation, allegiance, and loyalty is to Jehovah's world wide theocratic government (i.e. Watchtower).

Because they dedicate their lives to God AND the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses in their baptism vows, they can't pledge allegiance to their country and it's flag.

JW's believe God appointed the organization to govern 'God's people' and all outsiders, no matter how kind and loving are part of Satan's organization. That's the reason why they won't pledge allegiance to their country. Allegiance to the 'Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses' comes first. JW's believe all worldly governments and people who support them will be destroyed by Jehovah because non believers are quote, 'dominated by Satan'. [1,2.]

Oddly enough, JW's are not allowed to engage in politics inside the organization either! Certainly if this is the case they must be politically neutral. NO. They are not.

Since the organization's internal government is 'theocratic', meaning that it's thought to be run by God through his 'appointed representatives', JW's are not allowed to criticize, disagree, run for office, support political candidates, or vote within the organization. Rebelling against the self appointed men who run 'God's organization' (i.e. Watchtower) is said to be rebellion against Jehovah God.

JW's are not allowed to challenge rules, restrictions, doctrines, beliefs, or unpopular policies that directly or indirectly affects their lives. They must obey the internally appointed Governing Body and Elders or face disfellowshipping and shunning forever. Their friends and closest family members will pretend they are dead. They won't even go to the funeral of someone who is excommunicated.

Critics point out that just because JW's can't get involved in politics inside or outside their organization doesn't mean they are politically neutral. Are North Koreans politically neutral because they can't protest, vote, and throw Kim Jung Un out of office? Of course not. North Koreans fiercely defend their government's Supreme Leader just like JW's defend the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Watchtower's theocratic government is a dictatorship. Disagreeing, protesting, discussion, complaints, and questioning is not allowed. The difference is that instead of only one supreme leader, JW's obey a small group of six to twelve supreme leaders a.k.a. 'the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses'.

In an organizational flow chart, Watchtower teaches that Jehovah God is at the top. God is the 'Supreme Leader'. Below that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses refers to themselves as Jehovah's "faithful and discreet slave". In other words God speaks to them and they dispense 'spiritual food at the proper time'. Critics challenge this assumption too because whenever the organization is criticized for false prophecies, teachings, and mistakes, JW's are quick to point out their organization is run by imperfect men who can make mistakes 'just like other religions'.

MIstakes are possible because the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses has no guidance from Jehovah whatsoever. They appointed themselves and command the authority of God even though they have none.

Even though Watchtower says it's apostasy for JW's to believe their organization is not God's channel of communication, they have a disclaimer. They have a way out when they make prophecies and statements that are later proven to be false. Their excuse is God appointed imperfect men who have no divine inspiration!

Logically they can't have it both ways. They can't say they are God's channel of communication and then say they are not when they make mistakes. But that's what they do.

Jehovah's Witnesses dismisses allegations that they can't be 'God's organization', by saying Jehovah's light keeps 'getting brighter'. However this is clearly a cop out. Either God speaks to them or he does not. According to the Bible (that JW's say they follow more correctly and better than all other religions), even one false prophecy proves God does not speak to them. The Watchtower has made multiple false predictions. This should prove to Bible students they are using the Bible and God as tool to command followers for themselves. Proverbs 6:16,19; Deut 18:21,22

Since God doesn't inspire what the Governing Body says, he can't be at the top of the organization's government. It's not a 'theocracy'. It's just a few imperfect men doing their best to scam JW's into believing outsiders are evil and they are the only righteous ones. This is one of the common characteristics of a dangerous cult.

Religious cults isolate themselves from outsiders. JW's believe they are politically neutral and 'no part of this world'. They can't disagree, speak up, run for office, vote, go to war, or pledge allegiance to any country, but they sure aren't 'politically neutral'. They have pledged allegiance to the theocratic government of the organization.

Although seemingly innocent, don't be deceived. JW's are on the extreme side of extreme. The claim that they're 'politically neutral' is a smoke screen. They want to grow, prosper, and spread their extreme ideology without being hindered so they hide and bend the truth like all extreme religious cults do. Critics say any religion that commands with the authority of God and intimidates members to obey without question is an extreme religion.

  • Freedom of religion does not give religions the freedom to trample the human rights of members and former members.

  • Freedom of religion does not give religions the right to practice slavery. Freedom means you can leave your religion without fear of punishment. Taking your family and friends as hostages until you admit guilt and beg to resume a life of submission is immoral.

  • Freedom of religion does not give religions the freedom to bypass their country's criminal justice system. No religion should be allowed to privately hear allegations of 'wrong doing' (i.e. crimes) and deal with criminals according to their own internal laws.

1. Because JW's want to recruit their neighbors before Jehovah destroys nonbelievers at Armageddon, most are sincerely nice, friendly people (as long as you don't say anything negative about the organization). If you do, JW's are told it's 'God's command' to hate and shun you.

2. JW's are taught to obey the laws of their country but when there's a conflict, their primary loyalty and allegiance is God's government led by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.