What Is The Best Way To Keep Jehovah's Organization Clean?

The best way to keep a Christain congregation clean is for Jehovah's Witnesses to answer directly to God. Jesus did not support worshipping God through an organization or 'faithful slave' Matthew 24:45-51

By definition, God's organization belongs to 'God', not a religion. All people on the planet belong to God.

Why not give God the respect he deserves and let him judge his own people? Ministers, elders, and spiritual teachers should focus their time on teaching God's love as explained by Jesus.

There's absolutely no need for 'judicial committees'. This should be abolished. Jesus told us not to judge. Luke 6:37, Matthew 7:1

Even though Jesus condemned judging and the self righteousness of the Pharisees, the Apostle Paul did not. Why is that? As Christians we should ask these questions. Will I follow the Apostle Paul? Or will I put Jesus first?

The Bible says that all authority has been given to Jesus. Mathew 28:18. The Bible goes on to say that anyone who runs ahead of Jesus does not have God. 2 John 1:9.

Did the Apostle Paul run ahead of Jesus? Even though it wasn't intentional, there are good reasons to believe that he did. Here's why. Get the facts about the Apostle Paul

Judgment Vs Love.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having strict beliefs if a church wants to be set up like this. Some people will be attracted to this type of church.

As long as people are free to accept or reject religious teachings without judgment or fear of punishment who would speak out against the teachings of the church?

It is our vision that one day soon, church leaders will pray for and love all people without judgment. Imagine a world in which world peace is possible. All people love themselves unconditionally. And because they know how to love themselves, they automatically love everyone else as they do themselves. Is this not what Jesus taught?

One can believe they have the 'only true religion' if they want to. However people can still be humane, loving, respectful, and kind to people who believe differently. There is no need to disrespect people who disagree or leave. There is no need to hate enemies and 'apostates'. Jesus told us to love our enemies. Luke 6:35.

Examine these Watchtower instructions about hating enemies. Does rejecting the words of Jesus about loving your enemies keep a Christian congregation clean? See Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses

The best way to attract love is to be love. Read only the words of Jesus and you'll find this to be true. Christians do not follow Moses, the Apostle Paul, the early Christian congregation, the Pharisees (Acts 15), or even Jehovah!

There are good reasons to believe that the rules of Jehovah are not the same as the teachings of Jesus who explained 'God the Father'. See Jehovah vs Jesus

Christians believe Jesus IS God. Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in a trinity. However instead of getting hung up on whether there's a trinity or not, lets find things we can agree on. Jehovah's Witnesses know we are saved through the sacrifice of Jesus and that eternal life is possible through him.

That's why true Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses follow Jesus. The Bible says Jesus is the path to eternal life. John 3:36. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus. Matthew 28:18.

If the Bible is correct and Jesus has all the authority, what reasons do we have to obey the Apostle Paul, the Saints, Moses, the Watchtower, the early Christian congregation, or even Jehovah? All Christians, including the Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is the path to eternal life.

Reading the entire Bible is interesting and educational but Christians always put the words of Jesus first because he has ALL the authority (Matthew 28:18) and is the path to eternal life.

What Is A True Christian?

  1. A Christian follows Jesus, NOT Jehovah, the Apostle Paul, or anyone else
  2. A Christian does not run ahead of what Jesus taught. 2 John 1:9
  3. Christians do not obey an organization. They put Jesus first.
  4. A Christian loves their enemies
  5. Christians answer directly to Jesus

Serve God.

  • Serve God and him alone. Answer directly to him. Jesus has all the authority in heaven and on earth. Matthew 28:18.
  • Do not serve God by being obedient to man made organization that has no divine inspiration and can make mistakes.

How To Keep A Christian Congregation Clean.

  1. Do not judge. Abandon disfellowshipping and shunning. Luke 6:37
  2. Love your enemies and Jehovah's Witnesses who leave. Matthew 5:44
  3. Put Jesus first. Obedience to an organization is apostasy. Matthew 24:45-51

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