How to Keep Secrets From The Organization.

  • How to hide the truth from those who are not entitled to it
  • How to break the rules and get away with it

Do you believe the organization should mind their own business and stop trying to control your life? You're not alone.

If you decide to secretly break some of the rules, don't get caught and don't admit guilt. That's how to break all the rules and get away with it. This strategy is risky but it might work for a while.

It's unlikely that you will want to hide forever. Doing so can lead to depression and even mental illness.

If you decide to stay with the Watchtower religion, it will be a tough road to pretend you're 'in the truth' when you know it's not true. However if you're not ready to leave, here's some things to consider.

  • The elders can't see what God sees even though the organization claims to be God's channel of communication. Elders make decisions based on the secret 2010 Elder's Manual, Shepherd The Flock Of God.1 Peter 5:2

  • Since the Elders can't see what God sees, 2 or more eyewitnesses are required when you break the rules. In case you feel guilty about misleading the elders, consider the organization's viewpoints on Theocratic Warfare.

  • Some rules can be forgiven and possibly overlooked if you are repentant, sincere, and 100% loyal to the organization. On the other hand, if you have a rebellious spirit, you are marked. Anyone who challenges doctrines or the authority of those taking the lead, becomes a target for disfellowshipping and judicial committee action. See Can Jehovah's Witnesses Disagree?

If you get called in for a judicial committee hearing with the Elders and you want to stay in the organization, you will need to defend yourself. What are the organization's rules, how are they enforced, and are there any loopholes?

Find a copy of the 2010 Elder's Manual, Shepherd the Flock of God This document will help you prepare. It will help you understand how the organization decides who gets disfellowshipped and who gets to stay.

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