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Faith In God.

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Who Is God?

Jehovah's Witnesses believe they know God the Father because they carry his name. However critics say there's more to it than that. e.g. Someone might introduce you to John, Joe, or Mary, but does that mean you instantly 'know' them? Do you know everything about them when you know their name and nothing else? Of course not. All of us understand that names are merely labels. God's name is not God, just like a street sign is not the street. It's just the name of a street.

Who then is God? Some say the best way to understand God is to practice the art of pure consciousness, awareness, serenity, and love. God is not about stress, worry, fear, or struggle. When times are tough we pray to God for strength, peace, and wisdom. The way to receive what we ask for is to understand that God is right by our side at all times. We can leave God, but he never leaves us.

How can we know God? Instead of fixating on the correct spelling or pronunciation, focus on the sound common to most names for God. The vibration of God's name can be used as a mantra. You can use a mantra like you would use a taxi cab to get to your destination. Once you've arrived, the mantra is no longer needed. It is merely a vehicle to take you into God's presence and into his sacred place.

At first, you may not be comfortable using a mantra, but with practice the vibration of God's name can take you to God faster each time. Of course there are other ways to silence and quiet your mind so you can hear god. Some focus on their breath, or the ticking of a clock (or metronome). But since we are talking about God's name let's use the secret mantra found in the name Jehovah. The name is a key that unlocks a door between you and God.

Sit in a comfortable position with no distractions. Lying down is ok but most people will fall asleep faster in this position. Your goal is not to fall asleep. You want to be fully aware and conscious at all times. Next close your eyes. Take a deep breath through the nose and slowly breath out through your mouth. At the same time, say the mantra. Repeat the name of your God slowly several times. If your God's name is Jehovah, your mantra could be je - hooo - vaaaaaaa ... or you could make the hhhoooo or aaahhh sound deep inside your throat with your vocal cords without moving your tongue or lips.

When you run out of breath, start all over and repeat the same thing. Focus on the vibration your vocal cords make. Do not judge thoughts, noises, or other distractions. Simply observe these things as clouds passing across the sky. Be fully present and aware. Be in the now. Notice everything but judge nothing. Luke 6:35-37.

With practice your mind will slow down to a vibration where you can feel your oneness with God. In that place there is no judgment. There is no disagreement as to whether God's name is Jehovah or Jahova or Jesus or Allah. In that place you are fully awake, conscious of everything, yet concerned about nothing. There is no beginning. There is no end. Love is all there is. This is the place where God dwells. He creates with his intention. With God an intention becomes reality in a blink of an eye.

We are co creators with God. The Bible says we were created in God's image. Genesis 1:27. Silence your mind. Feel God's love for you, this beautiful planet, and all living things. In this quiet place, set your intention and give it to God, knowing that it is done.

When we're silent we can hear more. The Bible says, 'Be still, and know that I am God.' Psalm 46:10 NIV

When you feel loved, not for what you've done, but for who you are, congratulations, you've found God. You are love. God is love. You are one with God.