Leaving God's Organization.

When Jehovah's Witnesses leave the Watchtower, some feel freedom. They know they did the right thing and they never look back. Others feel intense guilt, despair, doom, hopelessness, loneliness, and thoughts of suicide. They believe they left Jehovah's organization and God Himself. If you feel this way, consider the truth.

The truth will help you see the Watchtower organization in a new more truthful light. At first you may be angry for being deceived by people you trusted the most. Hopefully with time you will forgive like Jesus instructed us to do.

Healing takes time. Some JW's never get over their depression upon leaving the Watchtower. Don't let this happen to you or your loved ones. The supporting evidence in this article comes directly Watchtower publications. When you know the truth, your guilt will be gone forever. You will be free and on the path to true happiness.

The Truth.

God loves all of us much more than most of us understand. We can leave God but He never leaves us. How do we know that?

With an open mind, look at the evidence in this, and other related articles on this website.

The Watchtower's twisted lie is that if you leave them, you leave Jehovah God. Some JW's believe this lie and suffer needlessly as a result. How do we know this is a lie?

The truth is that God is still there when you leave the Watchtower. Here's proof.

Common sense tells us that the Creator of the universe doesn't take orders from the people He created. He's not afraid of being disfellowshipped for breaking the Watchtower's shunning rules. That's why He's not afraid of speaking with JW's who leave the Watchtower. He is God. He doesn't answer to anyone.

Because He is God, He doesn't bow down to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and Elders. God never abandons people who reach out to him for love, emotional support, and guidance. He gave us the breath of life and take that away from us at any time. Therefore as long as we're breathing, we still have God on our side.

Breaking off your relationship with the Watchtower does not break off your relationship with God. In fact when you leave, your relationship with God can become much stronger. Why? Because now you make decisions based on the answers God gives you directly through prayer and His Word. Prior to that all your answers came indirectly from Watchtower publications, Elders, and the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses don't have direct relationship with God and Jesus, - according to the Watchtower! They say this, 'Today, God does not speak to his servants directly as he did to Job. Instead, he reproves them by means of his Word and his spirit-directed organization.' Watchtower Magazine, June 1, 1993, Article: 'What Does It Take To Make You Happy?', Subtitle: 'Accepting Divine Reproof', par 2; See Spirit Directed Organization

What's the point of prayer then? Why do Jehovah's Witnesses pray and believe they have a close relationship with Jehovah? They don't!!! According to Watchtower teachings, prayer is a one way street. JW's pray to God, but God is powerless to answer. Instead of being God, and doing whatever He damn well pleases, he needs the Watchtower to speak on His behalf! The same God who gave us life and keeps our hearts beating, can't speak to us because the Watchtower said so.

Thus the Watchtower has made themselves the mediator between God and man even though the Bible says Jesus is the mediator and path to eternal life! [3] Consider these articles to better appreciate the outrageous lies Jehovah's Witnesses beleve to be 'the truth' and 'common sense' from the Bible.

Prayers of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Yes JW's pray, but all answers to prayer must harmonize with what the Watchtower says. Why? Because the Watchtower says they are the only ones who have 'the truth'. God speaks only with them. Everyone else is a 'false teacher' dominated by Satan. [3]

Billions of people around the world disagree. However a few boastful men in NYC claim to be God's exclusive channel of communication and millions of Jehovah's Witnesses blindly hang on every word they say, as if it's from God. How can a few men control millions of JW's? See Mind Control

The God of Jehovah's Witnesses.

If JW's pray and God gives them an answer contrary to Watchtower teachings, they must check with the Watchtower first to make sure that's what God really said.

Disobeying the Watchtower means leaving, being disfellowshipped, and shunned forever. Some JW's are not willing to take that risk, so they remain loyal to the Watchtower even when God, their conscience, and the Bible opposes what the Watchtower says.

Shouldn't we put our complete trust in God?

The Watchtower says rebellion against the organization is rebellion against God. The truth is exactly the opposite,

Rebellion against the organization is loyalty to God!

Leaving the organization allows JW's to give God ALL the glory.

'Obey God' is in the Bible. But where did loyalty to 'Jehovah's organization' come from? Where in the Bible does Jehovah say He has an organization? That's not in the Bible. False teachings were fabricated by the Watchtower to make JW's fear a few men in Brooklyn just as much as they fear God.

As long as JW's obey Jehovah AND the Watchtower, they are putting the Watchtower first and Jehovah second. Find out why JW's can't put God first.

Satan competes with God for loyalty. So does the Watchtower.

It's time for JW's to 'stop touching the unclean thing' and get out of there if they don't want to 'share in her plagues'.

Leaving The Watchtower.

The Watchtower's warning about armageddon is now coming true, but not exactly like they planned. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a cell phone can expose the lies of the false prophet. The Watchtower can no longer hide in the darkness. Everyone has equal access to factual, accurate information. They can't hide the facts any more with clever theocratic lies. Even their own Elders are leaking sensitive information to the public! They have become naked just like Adam and Eve were naked when they sinned and were sentenced to eternal death.

In the beginning Adam blamed God for giving him the woman. Genesis 3:12; Eve blamed the snake for deceiving her, and the snake just slithered away without saying a word. Genesis 3:13; According to Bible, God punished Adam and Eve with a rough life and death. Genesis 3:1-19; Excused didn't work. They stood alone before God. They had sinned and they alone were individually responsible.

So it is today, the leaders of the Watchtower can plead they were deceived by the Bible God gave them. JW's can argue they were deceived by the Watchtower. But based on the story of Adam and Eve, in the end God will hold each one of us accountable. Blame and excuses didn't work thousands of years ago. Why would they work today?

1. Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe they follow Watchtower rules. They believe they follow only Jehovah's laws and the Bible. Why is that? Because Watchtower publications always talk in terms of 'loyalty to Jehovah' or 'the Bible says' or 'Jehovah requires us' to do this or that, etc. Watchtower propaganda is all that JW's are allowed to see on a daily basis. They are not allowed to consider broader perspectives with an open mind. They are not allowed to disagree. The penalty for disobeying the Watchtower and it's Elders is shunning. See the 2013 Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses video Shun Your Family

The Watchtower's official rules are written in the top secret book, Shepherd the Flock of God. This book is only available to Elders and higher ranking officials. Elders are sworn to secrecy. They must not allow non believers and JW's to read the Watchtower's official rules. Some Elders defied the Watchtower's instructions, and anonymously leaked this book to the public. However most JW's still don't know the truth because information is censored

2. In this article, obey us, notice how the Watchtower encourages JW's to obey them because it's seems like the right thing to do and that God requires it in the Bible. They are not told the secret information that is contained the official rule book, Shepherd the Flock of God.

3. Membership in Watchtower organization has become the path to eternal life for Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower says that those who leave are leaving Jehovah. Here are some Watchtower quotes clearly indicating their true beliefs, - everyone is a false teacher controlled by Satan except them.

  1. False Religions and the Clergy of Christendom

  2. Two Choices (the Watchtower, i.e. God's Organization, or Satan, i.e. everyone else)

  3. Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses who leave. Watchtower quotes encouraging hatred of 'apostates' because they are false teachers who are working for Satan

4. 12 beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses that are not supported by any Bible. See Why Jehovah's Witnesses are Wrong