Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses.

Many very good, kind hearted, and loving people leave the Watchtower either because they are unhappy or because they displeased the Society in some way and were shown the door. i.e. disfellowshipped

Once outside the organization, a Jehovah's Witness feels like a fish out of water. Why? Because their friends and family members now shun them for being an apostate. Also they feel uncomfortable and guilty.

Emotional and spiritual help is everywhere. However because they believe they left 'the truth' and all other viewpoints are 'false', the last thing they want to do is change their beliefs.

Happiness is available to everyone. The key is knowledge. This knowledge is not a secret. However if a person's mind is not open to considering knowledge, the key to happiness is a secret. It's hidden.

Jehovah's Witnesses are generally very good people. They love and respect people of all faiths. However they're afraid that opposing viewpoints will weaken their faith. Ironically, they're afraid of apostate viewpoints, even though they themselves have left their relgion, just like all the others.

Why Leaving Doesn't Liberate Witnesses.

When they leave they take their faith with them. They wrongly believe that only Satan and his organization would oppose the JW faith, - even if they themselves disagree with some things. The fear of reading anything that could help them find spiritual happiness, keeps them in religious trap

They have been been mentally programmed, - sometimes since childhood, to believe there are only two organizations, - Gods and Satan's. To understand how both cause unhappiness, read Two Choices

In the JW faith, - all religions, all politically affiliated organizations, all beliefs that contradict the teachings of the JW's, and even people outside the organization are thought to be dominated by Satan. [1]

Jehovah's Witness are programmed by harmless looking words, repeated over and over again. Their unique 'theocratic language', controls their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Here are the most powerful words in the Watchtower organization. These simple phrases are spoken repeatedly in almost every conversation. Most JW's are not aware how many times per day they say these words.

  • 'In the truth'
  • 'Out of the truth'

Jehovah's Witnesses say they are 'in the truth'. Everyone else is 'out of the truth'. See Mind Control

How can this be? There's not one religion in the world that's perfect and never makes mistakes. On rare occasions, even the Watchtower has admitted they have no divine inspiration and can make mistakes.

How To Find Emotional Happiness, Freedom, and Security.

Serously unhappy Jehovah's Witnesses leave. However even after leaving, spiritual happiness is illusive. Why? Because it's sometimes difficult to accept that everything you believed in and preached all your life is a lie.

The key to happiness is knowledge. One must read everything and continue to question every single one of their beliefs. One must make absolutely sure of ALL things. Even when we are 'sure', there is still room for new spiritual revelations. One may discover that what they were 'sure' about was not the truth at all.

God can only teach us when we are open to receive. If we want better answers, we must ask better questions. The more educated a person is about the beliefs of others, the less they know for sure. A person who knows everything, knows nothing. And a person who knows nothing, knows everything.

Belief sytems, - BS for short, keep us in bondage. We become slaves to our beliefs. We have eyes but we can't see. Wonder sets us free.

I wise man once said this, "I would rather have a mind opened by WONDER, than one closed by BELIEF." Gerry Spence.

A mind filled with wonder, is the key to God's Kingdom. Jesus says, 'I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.'

Be secure in your relationship with God, - and nothing else. He is our salvation. Stop believing that your religious viewpoints can save you. They can't. God doesn't care what we beleve. All he cares about is our love. 1 John 4:20; Luke 6:27-41

Recommended Reading:

1. Since 1925, the organization has taught Jehovah's Witnesses they are free from 'false religion'. However their beliefs trap them in a world that's difficult to escape. See Religious Traps They are given only two choices. God's organization (their religion) or Satan's organization (everyone else). Watchtower Jan 15, 2001, Article: 'Keep in Step With Jehovah's Organization', par 9,10; Watchtower June 15, 1987, Article: Testing and Sifting in Modern Times, par 13,14;