Leaving Their Religion.

Millions of JW's have left the Watchtower. Many more will leave. Why???

Who Is To Blame?

We believe that virtually all Watchtower leaders and loyal JW's are victims of religious tradition. No one is to blame except perhaps the early presidents of the Watchtower Society. However, they did not know what the organization would become in the future.

e.g. Disfellowshipping started around 1951 to keep sexually immoral JW's out of 'God's organization'. Today it's a tool to silence JW's who know too much.

The false claim in their early history that they were God's representatives and channel of communication to the entire world, made their egos bigger than life every year. Speaking on behalf of God was a mistake because the cost of admitting errors in doctrine or that they didn't speak on behalf of God could have meant the end of their religion.

How can one say they intentionally lied over and over again without being labeled a liar? How can one say they were mistaken about representing God without losing all credibility? How can one say they are God's prophet and then admit they are not?

How can one predict God's wrath upon all religions except there own since 1880 and then say, 'Sorry, we made a clerical error. We can't believe we did that. All your doctrines are correct after all. We were wrong.' How many JW's would stay, if the Watchtower admitted that?

Thus one lie led to another and another and another, ... Cover ups were necessary to protect 'God' from looking like a fool, when in fact God was never a fool. The fools were Watchtower leaders who thought they were commissioned by God.

Their big egos and fear of being exposed caused them to rationalize that 'God' needed to be protected. From what??? God protects us. We don't protect God! The fact of the matter is they never protected God. God NEVER authorized the Watchtower to speak on His behalf. So the only thing they've been protecting for the last 100 years is themselves!

They thought they could be like God and get away with it. They thought they could command the same respect, devotion, and obedience.

Because armageddon was always 'right around the corner', they were not thinking too far in the future. And certainly they didn't plan on the internet.

Today we have millions of JW's who've left their religion. They are speaking out against the Watchtower for one big reason. There is no dignified way to leave the organization!!!

Their good names and reputations have been slandered. They are being trashed with no end in sight.

The Watchtower commands friends and family to shun those who leave, - even if they did nothing immoral! JW's who refuse to shun their relatives and friends and those who disagree with the organization's decisions are told they will suffer the same punishment. i.e. disfellowshipping and shunning.

JW's who leave (i.e. apostates) are treated like evil, immoral scum, - NOT because they did anything unkind, but because they have the potential to expose the Watchtower to JW's inside the organization.

The Watchtower protects themselves by inciting hatred towards JW's who leave and censoring information. JW's are warned that if they consider viewpoints the Watchtower doesn't approve of, they will catch 'mental disease' and die. [Watchtower Magazine, July 15, 2011, Article: "Will You Pay Attention to Jehovah's Clear Warnings?", p 11-16; par 5-13]

JW's have only two choices. Complete, 100%, unquestionable loyalty to the Watchtower or Satan. If they choose Satan, they will be shunned and will not inherit eternal life in God's kingdom.

If you want to understand God's 'theocratic' organization, Watchtower, Google these words, - theocracy, Islam, theocracy human rights, etc. It's all based on the same principal. The leaders claim to represent God and because of this, they must be obeyed. Rebellion against them is virtually the same thing as rebellion against God

Before the internet it was easy to hide the truth. Today in the information age it's impossible. There are millions of former JW's with internet connections who aren't happy with the organization.

How long will the Watchtower be able to fool JW's still inside the organization? It will be interesting to see how this drama plays out.

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