1. Lies
  2. White Lies
  3. Half Truths
  4. Twisted Things
  5. Deceit


  1. Truth is truth
  2. Lies are lies
  3. How to tell the difference

Apostate Lies.

The Deceitful Tactics of Apostates.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the goal of apostates (Jehovah's Witnesses who leave their religion), is to deceive people. According to the Watchtower, apostates speak half truths, twisted things, and even outright lies.

Everything apostates say is thought to be worthless. Is it true that only the Watchtower has the truth and everyone else is wrong? Let's examine their literature to make sure it contains only facts and Bible truths like they say it does.

The Truth.

Here's what the Watchtower says about apostates. Carefully read every sentence. Take your time and make sure everything is the truth. Ask yourself, 'Are they acting in harmony with what the Bible says?' Are their statements based on the Bible? Do they have the truth? If so, what scriptures would you quote to support what they say?

Look for false assumptions, half truths, twisted things, and a subtle distortion of reality. Do you notice any evidence of mind control, religious propaganda, or even outright lies in the following Watchtower quotes? [1]

Does the Watchtower base their claims on the Bible? Is the Watchtower spreading the truth?

  1. Is it true that the words of apostates are valueless?

  2. Is it true that we cannot worship God without the organization?

  3. Is it true that apostates claim to have 'greater' wisdom than the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses? Or do they simply disagree?

  4. Is it true that apostates want JW's to leave 'the truth'? Or do they simply want JW's to leave the Watchtower? (There's an obvious difference between the Watchtower and 'the truth', but according to the organization, everyone who disagrees with them is a 'false teacher'.)

  5. Is it true God has a 'visible organization'? Throughout the Bible, Jehovah forbids loyalty to 'other gods'.

  6. Is it true that leaving the Watchtower means 'spiritual death now and eventually destruction'? Why can't JW's worship God directly? Putting humans on the same level or above God is condemned in the Bible, is it not? John 4:24; Acts 5:29

  7. Loyalty to God is in the Bible, but where did 'loyalty to his organization' come from? Please show us where loyalty to the Watchtower can be found in the Bible.

Watchtower Quotes About Apostates And Their Lies.

'Jesus said that apostates are like wolves that eat the sheep. Apostates want to destroy the faith of the members of the congregation and want them to leave the truth. —Matthew 7:15; 2 Timothy 2:18; How do false teachers fool people? They do this in a very clever way. Apostates “quietly” bring their ideas into the congregation, like criminals who secretly bring things into a country. Apostates use “counterfeitwords.” This means that they say things that make their false ideas sound true, like criminals who make false documents look real. They try to get as many people as possible to believe their “deceptive teachings.” Peter also said that they like twisting the Scriptures. They explain Bible verses in the wrong way to make others believe their ideas. (2 Peter 2:1, 3, 13; 3:16) Apostates do not care about us. If we follow them, we will leave the road to everlasting life.' [Watchtower Magazine, July 15, 2011, Article: "Will You Pay Attention to Jehovah's Clear Warnings?", p 11; par 4-5]

'No matter what false teachers say, we will not follow them! Those who listen to them will be disappointed. We are determined to be loyal to Jehovah and to his organization.' [Watchtower Magazine, July 15, 2011, Article: "Will You Pay Attention to Jehovah's Clear Warnings?", p 12; par 8]

The Watchtower says, 'Apostates too speak valueless words, claiming to have greater wisdom than the faithful and discreet slave ... apostates speak their own wisdom, and their words are valueless, a stumbling block to any who might listen. How can we avoid being misled by them? ... If any statements come to our ears that are critical of the truth or cast aspersions on the congregation, the elders, or any of our brothers, we do not accept them at face value. We ask, Is the one spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says? Anything we hear that tears down the brotherhood rather builds it up is a worthless thing. Watchtower April 15, 2008, pages 3 - 7 Article: "Repudiate Valueless Things"

'Some individuals who were once part of the Christian congregation now attempt to mislead the sheep by speaking twisted things - half truths and outright lies ... Indeed, no matter what apostates may say to the contrary, the real aim of intruders is to steal, and slay and destroy.' Watchtower Sept 1, 2004 page 15

'Apostates may claim to worship Jehovah and to believe the Bible, but they reject the visible part of his organization.' Watchtower Feb 15, 2004, page 16, par 6.

'As Jehovah's dedicated Witnesses, all of us must be loyal to him and to his organization. We should never even contemplate turning aside from God's wonderful light, pursuing an apostate course that can lead to spiritual death now and eventual destruction.' Watchtower 1992 Nov. 15 pp. 19-20 Serve Jehovah Loyally

"Now, what will you do if you are confronted with apostate teaching—subtle reasonings—claiming that what you believe as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is not the truth? For example, what will you do if you receive a letter or some literature, open it, and see right away that it is from an apostate? Will curiosity cause you to read it, just to see what he has to say? You may even reason: ‘It won’t affect me; I’m too strong in the truth. And, besides, if we have the truth, we have nothing to fear. The truth will stand the test.’ In thinking this way, some have fed their minds upon apostate reasoning and have fallen prey to serious questioning and doubt." Watchtower March 15, 1986 page 12, par 7 ‘Do Not Be Quickly Shaken From Your Reason’

The Truth Shall Set You Free.

  • The truth will set you free from false beliefs, negativity, stress, anger, depression, fear, guilt, religious domination, manipulation, and control.
  • The truth is the truth. It can't deceive us. The truth sets us free. Lies keep us in bondage.
  • Consider all viewpoints and know the truth.

Truth Is Truth. Lies Are Lies.

  • What is the truth and what are lies?
  • Who is spreading these lies?
  • Does God authorize an organization to speak on his behalf? Matthew 24:45-51
  • How can we protect ourselves from being misled?
  • Who are the true enemies of God?

According to the Watchtower, there are two opposing organizations - Jehovah's and Satan's. This has been doctrine of the Witnesses since 1925. Watchtower Jan 15, 2001, Article: 'Keep in Step With Jehovah's Organization', par 9,10; Watchtower June 15, 1987, Article: Testing and Sifting in Modern Times, par 13,14;

In other words, the Watchtower leads Jehovah's Witnesses to believe that they belong to God's organization. Everyone else does not have God. In fact if you're not a Jehovah's Witness in good standing with the organization, you belong to Satan's organization by default. Is the Watchtower telling Jehovah's Witnesses the truth?

If you love God and you're not a Jehovah's Witness, you know the truth. You know that God loves you just as much as someone who belongs to the Watchtower organization.

Everyone is tempted by Satan. All people, - regardless of which religion they belong to are imperfect, - even members of the Watchtower organization. The teachings of the Watchtower are not any more truthful than the teachings of the Catholics, Lutherans, Mormons, Pentecostals, Muslims, Hindus, ... or any other religion on the planet. See What Can Rainbows Teach Us?

  • Why are JW's told that their organization is more special?
  • Why are they told that there are only two organizations? i.e. God's organization and Satan's organization?

JW's believe what their religious leaders tell them. Critics say that a steady diet of religious propaganda and false assumptions every single day for years and years is a powerful tool. Watchtower wordology and terminology compels readers to obey their every word.

Thus the organization is protected and blessed at the expense of 'the sheep', - i.e. the millions of innocent people who follow a handful of men who wield all the power.

Stop sign. Don't leave the truth. Leave the lies.

Do Religious Beliefs Harm Anyone?

Do innocent looking religious beliefs harm anyone? In what way are individual Jehovah's Witnesses harmed by the belief that they belong to God's organization and everyone else belongs to Satan's organization?

Here's what critics say.

  1. Families and close friendships are destroyed when someone leaves the organization. See Shun Your Family (video from the 2013 convention of Jehovah's Witnesses).

  2. Jehovah's Witnesses work for free. They distribute Watchtower literature and find new members for the organization at their own expense, - time, energy, and money

  3. There is convincing evidence that the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses can harm them emotionally and even physically if they refuse a blood transfusion.

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses go to great lengths to protect the organization even if they have nagging doubts? Why do they defend the organization even when they know it's not perfect and can make mistakes like any other religion on the planet?

Because they believe that the only other alternative is Satan's organization. i.e. If you're a JW, there are only two organizations, - the Watchtower organization and the entire world that is controlled by Satan. A JW cannot see any other possibilities. This prevents them from accepting beliefs, spiritual viewpoints, and convincing factual evidence that is presented by anyone outside the organization.

Critics say that even Jesus would have hard time convincing Jehovah's Witnesses they are wrong because their loyalties belong to the organization rather than to God alone. We know this is true when we look at their baptismal vows. Notice the difference between Christian baptism and baptism as a Jehovah's Witness in this article: Should I Get Baptized?

' “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion, has brought little comfort to the masses. On the contrary, by means of “the wine of her fornication,” she has made multitudes stagger in spiritual confusion. ' Watchtower Jan 15, 2008, Article: “Keep Watching the Ministry Which You Accepted in the Lord”, par 6.

Is it true that all of us who are not Jehovah's Witnesses are puppets of Satan? Are we staggering 'in spiritual confusion'? Has our faith in God brought us 'little comfort'? Of course not! See Unhappy Jehovah's Witnesses

  • Are Jehovah's Witnesses and non believers entitled to the truth? See Theocratic Lies. i.e. Theocratic War
  • Is it true that the entire world is controlled by Satan?

More Twisted Things, Half Truths, and Outright Lies.

Truth Or Fiction? What Does The Bible Say?

1. Jehovah's Witnesses are proud of their unique language and even brag that their religion is the best one on the planet. Powerful words repeated over and over again, reinforce the belief they are 'in the truth' and everyone else is 'out of the truth' However no one has ever told them the true purpose of the words they speak and hear on a daily basis. Examine these words. What purpose do they serve? Some say that Watchtower terminology is a mind control technique designed to keep Jehovah's Witnesses loyal, obedient, and in fear of questioning the Governing Body's authority.

2. What is the true intent of the Watchtower's position on apostates? Some critics say restrictions on speaking to apostates, is just another theocratic warfare strategy that hides truthful information from Jehovah's Witnesses and protects their publishing company from harm.

3. When an honest man realizes his beliefs are not the correct, what will he do? A wise man once said this. 'When an honest man discovers he's mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, - or he'll stop being honest.'