Life In God's Kingdom.

Some people say that God loves the diversity he created. However this leads to a question. If people are so different in God's Kingdom how will they get along? Some believers in God's Kingdom, say there will be only one common thread that connects everyone. It won't be a belief system or a rigid set of rules. People will not be 'like minded' and forced to obey an organization directed by God. Everyone will be happy, loving, and free to worship God according to their conscience. People will be united in one thing only. What is that one thing? Unconditional love! That will be the universal language that everyone speaks.

In God's Kingdom, people will make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. They will not judge themselves harshly. They will love themselves unconditionally.

Isn't loving yourself more than others wrong? NO! How can we love someone else unconditionally if we can't love ourselves unconditionally first? Our primary responsibility in God's Kingdom, is to do what makes us happy without harming others in the process. When we understand that our happiness is our responsibility, we automatically understand that everyone else is responsible for their happiness.

When we're happy, we can share our happiness, and love with others. When people feel sad, depressed, isolated, and unloved, they don't have any love to give anyone else.