The Lonely World Of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses are 'separate from the world'. i.e. they don't get involved in politics. They are neutral. They do not attend other churches'. The entire world and all religions other than their own is thought to be controlled by Satan, - God's enemy.

Outsiders get very confused because most Jehovah's Witnesses appear to be very friendly. They don't make waves. They try their best to get along with outsiders. They are peaceful. They are so peaceful that they don't go to war. They won't carry a gun if it could be used to kill a human. Therefore they can't be police officers because most law enforcement officials are required to carry a gun and use it when necessary.

One must remember that 'being friendly' is not the same thing as wanting to be your friend. All close friends are other Jehovah's Witnesses. An exception would be a Witness who is 'spiritually weak'. Such a person might not be attending meetings regularly. They might not be going door to door, etc. i.e. they claim to be a JW, but many of their friends don't belong.

Active JW's do not have close friends with people outside their faith even though they can be very 'friendly' with outsiders. They are always looking to save people by studying 'the Bible' with them. (Actually what that means is that they tell you what the Bible says based on the Watchtower's viewpoints.)

So one of the reasons, JW's are friendly with outsiders is to recruit them into their faith before armageddon.

The Secret Society of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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