My Experience Going Through The Disfellowshipping Process.

My First Judicial Committee.

Three elders met with me for two or three meetings but no decision was made. Why? One of the elders who was a dear friend, asked me many questions during these meetings. He wanted to understand all the details. However when it came time to make a decision, he said that English wasn't his primary language and because of this he couldn't make a decision! Why did he ask all those questions? Why did he volunteer to be part of the committee? Why did he 'snoop' into my marital situation if he wasn't prepared to make a decision?

My Second Judicial Committee.

A new elder replaced the one that stepped down. I was called in for more meetings and explained my situation again. After a few meetings, one of the elders stepped down, claiming he couldn't make a decision either. Why? Because he had a personal bias against me. The incident happened in the distant past and I thought I was forgiven, but apparently not. Why did this brother volunteer to be on the committee and investigate my personal affairs if he wasn't prepared to make a decision either way?

The Third Judicial Committee.

A new elder stepped in to replace the one that couldn't make a decision. After a few meetings, this elder made an excuse and quit. Every time a new elder stepped in, I needed to start all over from the beginning.

The Fourth Judicial Committee.

There were no more elders left in my congregation, so an elder from another congregation was called in. I had the greatest respect for this elder, until this meeting commenced. At the beginning of the meeting, without any evidence, or even asking me any questions, this new elder accused me of many things I didn't do. I was not allowed to speak or defend myself. His mind was already made up. I looked at the other two elders who had been on all the committees from the very first meeting. They knew, that this elder had his facts all wrong, but they didn't support me. They were absolutely silent.

At this point, I was being attacked without cause. I told this elder he was a 'fool' for making decisions without knowing all the facts. Obviously his big ego was damaged. When I asked him how he could disfellowship me on a 'technicality' that made no sense, he pointed his finger at me and said in anger, 'If we don't get you on this, we'll get you on something else, but WE WILL GET YOU!'

At this point, I relaxed, sat back in my chair and thanked God for showing me the true colors of the Watchtower Society. I knew for sure at that point that the Watchtower Society was not God's organization because God would never disfellowship me for such a stupid reason. And God would never speak with me in an angry tone of voice, looking to accuse me of things I didn't do.

It was obvious to me that 'the truth' was not important. My guilt or innocence was not important either. Anyone who stops going to meetings and going door to door becomes a target. As rumors spread in a congregation, action needs to be taken as a warning to other members. 'Follow the same path as the brother we just disfellowshipped and you will suffer the same consequences'.

As much as I didn't want to lose my friends and some relatives, I was happy to be free. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

My Experience Leaving The Watchtower And The Jehovah's Witnesses, Continued: