The Top 10 Myths In The Watchtower Religion.

The Watchtower teaches that the following myths are 'the truth'. Follow the links on this page. Compare what the Watcthtower says, to what your Bible actually says. Then decide for yourself if the following 'myths' are in fact 'the truth'.

If you notice even one Watchtower 'truth' is a 'myth', consider the possibility that if you do more research and examine your religion closely from the standpoint of what God's Word says, you may uncover other Watchtower 'truths' that are not true at all.

  1. MYTH: The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses represents God's faithful and discreet slave

  2. MYTH: The Watchtower is God's channel of communication

  3. MYTH: The Bible says that celebrating holidays and birthdays is forbidden

  4. MYTH: Only Jehovah's Witnesses have any scriptural hope of being saved. WT Sept 1989

  5. MYTH: Disagreeing with Watchtower teachings is the same as rebellion against God

  6. MYTH: There is only one 'true' religion. All others are false and wicked. See Rainbows

  7. MYTH: Only 144,000 people who are anointed go to heaven. See Mediator

  8. MYTH: People will be resurrected to life on a paradise earth instead of going to heaven

  9. MYTH: The Bible says that blood transfusions are wrong

  10. MYTH: God wants us to hate enemies of Jehovah. See Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses

11. Bonus Myth: Jehovah has a visible organization. Not true! Find out why

If the Watchtower is in fact God's channel of communication to the world and His organization, everything they say should be 'the truth'. If it isn't, consider the possibility that they have no divine inspiration.

If you're a Witness, the Watchtower tells you that Jehovah loves righteousness. If the organization has misrepresented what God has said in his Word, is it possible that he is less than happy with the leaders of the organization for speaking things in his name that are not true?

Spiritual Darkness Vs Bible Truths.