Obedience To The Watchtower Organization.

Does Jehovah Require Obedience To The Watchtower?

When asked, Jehovah's Witnesses will tell you that they worship Jehovah, not the organization. However critics say this is a half truth.

They worship Jehovah 'through' the organization. This means they must be in good standing with their organization to be saved. Watchtower Sept 1989

Serving Jehovah directly without the organization is not an option. They must be faithful and obedient to the organization to receive the reward of everlasting life.

Loyalty To An Organization.

  • Consider the reverence and importance Jehovah's Witnesses give to their organization.
  • What words do they use to describe their organization?
  • Does Jehovah deserve complete loyalty and obedience?
  • Or should this be shared equally with the organization?
  • When a Christian's conscience conflicts with the beliefs of the organization, who should get priority?
  • Has their organization taken God's place? And if so, would that be pleasing to Jehovah?

Obedience To God.

Are these words reserved only for Jehovah? Or are Jehovah's Witnesses required to obey the organization in the same way they obey God?

  • adhere to
  • appreciate
  • cherish
  • dedicate
  • devoted
  • devotion
  • faithful
  • glorify
  • honor
  • loyal
  • love
  • obey
  • praise
  • respect
  • serve
  • support
  • in the truth
  • zeal
  • Obedience To The Organization. Is It Required?

    The handbook for Elders says that 'The Scriptures clearly show that Jehovah forbids certain conduct among his clean people; brothers need to uphold Jehovah's righteous standards regarding the following: ... Apostasy is a standing away from, a falling away, defection, rebellion, abandonment; it involves teaching false doctrines, supporting or promoting false religion and its holidays or interfaith activities. ... Persons who deliberately spread (stubbornly hold to and speak about) teachings contrary to Bible truth as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses are apostates. ... Working secularly for a false religious organization could put one in a position similar to that of one preaching false doctrine. ... Celebrating a false religious holiday would be similar to performing any other act of false worship. ... Idolatry. ... ' ( Pay Attention To Yourselves And To All The Flock, pages 93 -94 )

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