Controversy Over The Origins of Mind Control.

This article is based on the information contained on our page about mind control.

Modern JW's deny the organization uses mind control. Even though their unique theocratic language repeated over and over again compels millions of Witnesses to talk and believe the same way, there is controversy as to whether mind control exists and if it does, where it came from.

JW's say they believe in the same things because it's 'the truth' and common sense based on what the Bible says. However Bible scholars do not agree with the organization's interpretation of the Bible. It's not 'common sense' to everyone. In fact it's only common sense to JW's and their friends. To outsiders and some JW's who leave the organization, Watchtower beliefs are nonsense. Who is right?

Could JW's be right? Let's look at the evidence. Is it common sense to believe what the Watchtower teaches or not?

The Watchtower claims to be God's channel of communication. Could that be the reason why they believe their interpretation of the Bible is more correct? Do they have secret information that God is not sharing with anyone else?

If you're a JW, do you have the truth because of a special relationship with God that no one else has? This is not likely for these two reasons.

  1. On rare occaisions the Watchtower (perhaps as a legal disclaimer), has admitted having NO DIVINE INSPIRATION! How can the Watchtower be God's organization and channel of communication if God doesn't talk with them?

  2. How is it possible for seven million people to always agree about everything? If we put seven million cars on the road every day for 130 years and they never get into an accident, would it be reasonable to say it's just a coincidence, - nobody is controlling them? Or is it more likely that all the cars being controlled and that's why they're moving together in an orderly fashion?

Mind Control In The Organization.

In spite of the evidence, perhaps you strongly disagree that mind control exists in the organization. Perhaps you believe that such an observation is an apostate, satanic strategy to turn you against God and his organization.

Certainly if you've been in the organization for a while, you don't notice it. We didn't either. It took us over 30 years to begin researching the subject of mind control. And when we first were presented with the evidence we laughed too! It seemed so crazy. How could we as apostates for 30 years not have noticed mind control in the organization? Certainly as Witnesses we never felt that our minds were being controlled.

So then we started thinking about it and asked, 'ok, if mind control exists (and the evidence for it is very convincing), where did it come from? Who is responsible? And why do sincere, honest JW's today automatically use a unique theocratic language no one else uses?

Our article on Mind Control compares the unique words used in the organization and the mental pictures associated with those words.

Witnesses have told us that in any organization it's impossible for 10 people to agree on anything. Yet in their organization millions of people are 100% in agreement. Absolutely amazing.

Perhaps the most damming evidence of mind control is the fact that millions of Witnesses are proud about being 'like-minded'. They have willingly sacrificed their individuality and 'clothed themselves with a new personality' that protects the interests of the organization ahead of their own. What would cause intelligent, educated people like you and I to ignore nagging doubts, be afraid to speak up, and put complete faith in a few men in Brooklyn as if they are indeed God's representatives?

The Beginning of Mind Control.

Witnesses have been using many of the same words from the beginning of their religion in the 1800's. We have every single Watchtower magazine going back to the very first issue in 1879 and noticed this. The terminology is remarkably similar to what is being used today. In fact if you ignore the date on the magazines, you might even think some of the articles are fresh off the press. Perhaps this observation is a slight exaggeration but if you read the writings of Russell, you can observe this as well.

So we started to suspect the founder of the religion and questioned his background. We don't know if this has anything to do with it, but the founder of the Watchtower was a free mason. (This is a documented fact that anyone can easily find proof of on the internet.)

Although we know many outstanding citizens who are free masons, and are in no way judging them, there is much controversy about the Masons for many reasons. You will discover those reasons as you research the Masons further. e.g. An initiate is only given the information he needs. As he progresses through the ranks, he is entrusted with more and more information. This is also true in the JW faith today. Members are appointed to positions of power and given information that is hidden from everyone else. As an example of this, see the secret publication for Elders only, 'Shepherd the Flock of God'

Many free masons are world leaders, people with power and influence. Symbolism is used extensively, and symbolism is used extensively in the JW faith as well. Russell no doubt understood the power of words and that when used repetitiously, they could influence people to follow him.

Russell was a brother in the Masonic organization. Could it be that his membership in the Masons influenced how he wrote his books and magazines? And did the writings of Russell influence the future of the Watchtower organization? It's quite possible.

Could it be that Russell understood mind control and consciously or unconsciously used words, symbolisms, and phrases that compelled readers to share the same vision for the future? Perhaps it wasn't called 'mind control' back then. Perhaps it was called 'the power of persuasion' or something to that effect. We are not sure. However if you have an interest, there is plenty of factual documentation on the internet about the Masons and what Charles Taze Russell, the founder of Zion's Watchtower believed. Compare what Russell said, to what the Watchtower says today.

Here is a video about the brotherhood of Masons. It's quite revealing. It appears to answer some questions about the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses today, and why they sincerely believe they have secret information from God no one else has been given.

If you want to understand why JW's believe what they believe and are so zealous about their faith, examine the beliefs of their founder, Charles Taze Russell. Read early copies of Zion's Watchtower going back to 1879. Watch videos about Masons and Charles Taze Russell on youtube. Russell's involvement with the Masons, no doubt influenced the way he wrote and what he said at public events. It's a good place to start, followed by more research.