The Watchtower Says It's A 'Serious Sin' To Consult With Those Who Predict The Future!

Notice the following Watchtower prediction about astrologers and those who predict the future.

The Watchtower predicts that those who predict the future will not inherit God's Kindgom.

The Watchtower says this, 'To pay attention to astrologers or to others who claim to predict the future is to run the risk of incurring serious spiritual problems and ending up a slave of “the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) Thus, to consult such individuals is considered by God to be a serious sin; those who practice such things are detestable in his eyes and they will not inherit his Kingdom.—Revelation 22:15.' Watchtower Magazine, Mar 1, 1987, Article: 'Your Future—A Better Way to Learn About It', Box on page 5. Also see Spiritualism

Thus the Watchtower predicts the future of those who predict the future, and says that those who predict the future 'will not inherit his Kingdom'. Is the Watchtower predicting their own future?

Here's a long list of Watchtower predictions that have not come true.

1. Watchtower quotes about being God's prophet

2. Watchtower quotes about being God's channel of communiction

3a. Jehovah's Witnesses would argued that Watchtower predictions come from God and other predictions come from demons, but the Bible says that 'Satan masquerades as an angel of light'. 2 Cor 11:14; Therefore when one dabbles in spiritism it can be hard to know if messages are coming from God or Satan. Both can appear as light from God.

3b. Many Christian religions also have a negative opinion of psychics, astrologers, and those who predict the future. Ironically though, the 'gift of prophecy' is highly respected in some Christians churches. In addition Christians pray to God and expect answers (i.e. 'messages' from spirit). Therefore even Christians receive intuitive guidance from spirit.

4. If the Watchtower knows it's a 'serious sin' to predict the future and those who predict the future will not inherit God's Kingdom, why have they predicted the future repeatedly?

There is no logical answer. But it could answered with a question. Why are some people addicted to drugs or alcohol? They know they're destroying their body (or their 'temple'), but they continue to do it anyway. 1 Cor 6:19,20

JW's think God is using the Watchtower as His 'faithful slave', but in light of their track record, it's doubtful. In the same parable Jesus spoke of an 'unfaithful slave' who beats others and drinks with drunkards. Matthew 24:45-51