Running Ahead Of Jehovah.

Whenever a JW disagrees with the Watchtower or points out something that contradicts what the Bible says, they are told not to 'run ahead of Jehovah'.

In other words, don't run ahead of what the Watchtower says. Wait for the Watchtower to change it's doctrines or answer your question, - no matter how many years that might take. JW's are not allowed to believe in something the Watchtower doesn't currently teach.

Ironically though, depending upon the Watchtower to answer spiritual questions IS running ahead of Jehovah! Here's why.

Jehovah is God. The Watchtower is a religion. They are two different things. God is a spirit and invisible. The Watchtower is a human organization and visible.

What Does The Bible Say?

The Bible says, 'God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth'. John 4:24;

'Peter and the other apostles replied: "We must obey God rather than human beings!' Acts 5:29

What Does The Watchtower Say?

The Watchtower tells us to obey Jehovah AND the organization. Notice the false assumption and contradiction of what the Bible really says.

Obey God is in the Bible but where did obey the organization come from?

Loyalty, dedication, obedience, and submission to the Governing Body and Elders contradicts the Bible.

The Bible says, worshippers of God MUST worship God 'in the Spirit and in the truth'. John 4:24; They 'must obey God rather than human beings!' Acts 5:29

What Running Ahead Of Jehovah Means.

When a JW has a question and runs to a Watchtower publication to find the answer, they are running ahead of Jehovah.

Worshippers of Jehovah should be asking God all their questions and wait for answers from spirit.

This process is called prayer. God answers prayer. That's how God's people get answers from God.

Why Do JW's Run Ahead Of Jehovah?

JW's run ahead of Jehovah for several reasons.

  1. WT answers are instant. Ask a question. Then quickly find the answer in a Watchtower publication. There is no guess work. The answer is in black and white. If there's no answers, then JW's are told to stop asking questions. Stop 'running ahead of Jehovah'.

  2. The Watchtower is 'real'. People can see, hear, and touch the organization just like idol worshippers in ancient times could see their idols. Because idols could be seen with human eyes, they appeared 'real' but there were not. They were false gods.

  3. God is invisible. He is a spirit. He can't be seen with human eyes. He can only be 'seen' with spiritual eyes. He can be heard, but messages from spirit are subtle and soft. Sometimes voices in our mind are confusing. Am I hearing a message from God? From Satan? From myself? It takes time to develop a close, long term relationship with God but that's what He requires of us. With time, practice, patience, and love, we begin to hear God's voice loud and clear. We begin to trust messages from God's Spirit.

Where To Find Truthful Answers To Spiritual Questions.

Will you run ahead of God and believe what the Watchtower tells you? Will you continue to obey human Elders? That's not what the Bible says.

Jesus told us to love God with ALL our heart, mind, soul, and strength. God is a spirit.

Have faith in the only true God. You can't see God with human eyes. You must see Him with spiritual eyes. Believe in God's spirit. Talk with God. Let God become real in your life. Depend on Spirit for answers, - not humans.

God loves you more than you can imagine. Be patient. Don't run to human idols, Elders, and Watchtower publications with your spiritual questions. Humans can't satisfy your spiritual needs. Humans can't give you 'spiritual food' because they're not spirits! They are humans, - just like you! Following humans to understand God is like the blind leading the blind.

Never run ahead of Jehovah. Run towards Jehovah. Get spiritual answers from God's Spirit. Wait for God and his Spirit to answer all your questions.

Trust the unseen, rather than the seen. Worship God 'in the Spirit'. Call upon the name of God. Have faith in God's Spirit and be blessed.

Eternal life and eternal love is God's promise to those who put their faith in Him and follow the guidance of His Spirit.