Satan Masquerades As An Angel Of God's Light. 2 Cor. 11:14

Who Is Satan?

Who is Satan? The Bible says he is an angel. He was created by God. He knows how to be 'God like'. He knows how to be teach good things and shine God's light. He knows how to masquerade as love to attract followers when his real intention is to destroy lives and loving relationships. He's a master of control, manipulation, unkindness, and hatred but he pretends to be something good.

What Is Evil?

Satan was the first to separate from God's way and God's world. The Bible indicates that was the beginning of evil. But what is evil?

Contrary to what the Watchtower teaches, evil isn't having a blood transfusion, honoring someone on their birthday, celebrating holidays, or taking yoga classes.

Evil is judgment, hate, control, and separation from all the people God loves. You might not like what they do, but it's not our place to judge. That's God's business. It's not the business of Elders or the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Is It Love? Or Is It Evil?

The Watchtower teaches that shunning friends and close family members who leave the organization is a loving thing to do because it strongly encourages people to admit wrong doing and get reinstated. They say that if JW's talk to disfellowshipped members there is no incentive for them to return to the organization.

We know that many JW's continue to privately 'love' their disfellowshipped relatives and friends. Disfellowshipped JW's miss their loved ones as well. That's not the point. Hearts are broken on both sides. JW's are good people. They are the 'sheep'.  We love them. That's why we built this website. However because of what the Watchtower teaches, JW's will abandon loved ones even if they're seriously ill or dying.

That folks is NOT love! You can rationalize it as much as you want, but it's not love.

Zealous JW's won't even attend a funeral of a loved one who's disfellowshipped. Are they hoping their dead relative will get reinstated? Of course not! Come on. Let's be real. Call a spade a spade.

The Watchtower brainwashes JW's into believing shunning is love because it encourages JW's to return to the organization. But is it? Is there any hope that a dead relative will be reinstated? If not, then why not attend the funeral of someone they profess to 'love'.

Even though JW's are good examples of love 'for one another'. They are not good examples of love for people who have different beliefs, customs, and viewpoints. This is not surprising. Watchtower literature teaches that hatred for 'wrong doing' is a good thing. Jesus teaches just the opposite. He tells us not to judge. Luke 6:27-41; Look at these Watchtower quotes recommending hatred.

If your religion supports bigotry, religious intolerance, and hatred be honest about it. And if you don't support such things, don't secretly engage in such behavior. Have some integrity.

JW's who leave the organization are not to blame. Don't put us on a guilt trip. We're just the messengers. We don't make the organization's rules. Put the blame where the blame belongs. If you're embarrassed to tell the world your religion destroys families and close friendships, don't blame the people who are shining light into the darkness.

We're not judging anyone. If the Watchtower is afraid to be honest, ... if they are afraid to boldly tell the world they teach hatred, shunning, and breaking up families, then they have already judged themselves. They know they are doing something wrong, but they won't repent, change their doctrines, and ask for forgiveness. We are telling people what they need to know, because the Watchtower is unwilling to reveal what's hidden under their 'God's organization' mask.

There are two reasons why the Watchtower teaches shunning. One is to control and manipulate JW's into returning to the organization, and the other is to silence people who know too much. Both reasons have absolutely nothing to do with love.

We know JW's believe Jesus taught separation from anyone who disagrees with the Watchtower but they are wrong.  Look at the evidence in the Bible. 

The truth is that when we walk in God's love, - even for the 'wicked and ungrateful' (not just our friends), we have nothing to fear. We 'become sons of the Most High'. Luke 6:35; That's not apostates talking. That's Jesus and the Bible!!!

The Father of Jesus does NOT judge like the Watchtower does. He does not disfellowship, shun, and hate like the Watchtower does. We can abandon God, but He never abandons us. Mathew 5:44-48;

The Watchtower tells JW's they have only two choices, God's organization (the Watchtower), or Satan's organization (everyone else). That's not true. It's a mind control tactic taught by the same people who teach shunning in order to control JW's. 

God's Organization Vs Satan's World. Why Is This A False Teaching?

The truth is that love and evil exists in all religions. No one is immune from temptations to be unkind, - not even the Watchtower. When we love everyone, - regardless of their beliefs or behavior we make God happy. Why? Becaue according to Jesus, God does not judge. He is kind even to 'the ungrateful and wicked'. When we do the same, we become 'children of the Most High'. Luke 6:35; When we shun, hate, and use emotional blackmail to control people, we have left God and followed our own wisdom like Satan did. We have put a smile on Satan's face. 

The Watchtower has distorted and twisted the meaning of the sacred scriptures. Whether it was intentional, accidental, or due to a lack of education, ... whatever the reason, they have misinterpreted the Bible to say things it does NOT say! They have assumed God's authority without His permission. And they have destroyed millions of loving relationships since 1952. They are masquerading as God's organization, but have left the teachings of God and His son Jesus.

Satan Competes With God For Loyalty.

JW's believe that Satan tempts good people to leave God. He competes with God for worship and loyalty. The Watchtower competes with God for loyalty and obedience as well. They say that 'Jehovah' wants loyalty, 'Jehovah' wants JW's to refuse blood transfusions, and 'Jehovah' wants JW's to obey 'those taking the lead', but the truth is that God is not involved. Jesus said He is a non judgmental observer. Luke 6:35; The Watchtower must know this because they don't seem to be afraid of God at all. They use the name 'Jehovah' instead of 'the Watchtower' to command the same respect and authority as God.

Just because they teach some good things, doesn't mean they must be obeyed and given the same devotion as we would give to God.  Everyone is doing their best to be loving, but no religion has a monopoly on God. No one is God's exclusive channel of communication.  Good and evil exists in all religions, all organizations, and all people.  No one has reached perfection yet.

JW's know Satan is clever and deceptive. He masquerades as God's light! 2 Cor 11:14; He doesn't masquerade as evil. He teaches some very good things in order to deceive, manipulate, control, and distract people away from God's light which is love for everyone, - not just the people who belong to the same religion.

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