Satan's Organization.

Since 1925, JW's have been given only two choices, - God's organization, their religion, or Satan's world, everyone else.

Is it true that God approves of only one religion and Satan controls all others? Let's examine the facts.

The Watchtower leads us to believe that only they have 'the truth' because God has revealed his truth only to them and that's why their beliefs are radically different.

The Watchtower claims to be God's channel of communication and because of this they must be obeyed.

JW's must also speak in agreement. They must never disagree with anything the Watchtower teaches.

At the same time the Watchtower leads us to believe that all other religions are 'false' because Satan is the God of this world.

JW's are told they are no part of this world and thus they are not part of Satan's organization. Even though though this sounds truthful to JW's, it is a false assumption.

Let's take a look at why their logic is flawed.

Why The Watchtower Is Wrong.

If God controls the Watchtower and Satan controls everyone else, why does the Watchtower constantly remind JW's to resist Satan? [1] Here's why.

The potential to sin and be unkind exists in the Watchtower religion just like it does in any religion. No one is immune from Satan. Sometimes people are loving like God and sometimes they are hateful and evil like Satan.

Because humans fall short of God's love, God and Satan exists in all religions.

It's a false assumption to believe one religion is God's organization and all others belong to Satan's organization. It's an outright lie that JW's have been programmed to believe since 1925.

Critics say the only good reason to teach such a thing is to control JW's. Take a look at all perspectives and decide for yourself what you will believe.

The Truth About Satan's Organization.

God and Satan co exist together. Satan tempts everyone. Satan's organization is the entire world. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan. Since the Watchtower claims to be 'God's organization' it is logical that Satan would tempt the Watchtower to leave God as well. Matthew 4:1-11;

God influences all people. That's why love, kindness, and God's compassion can be found in all the world's major religions.

At the same time Satan tempts all people and all religions to leave God. Hatred and evil is Satan. He is the absence of God's love.

To illustrate this, read these unloving Watchtower quotes inciting JW's to hate JW's who leave their religion and 'enemies' who disagree with Watchtower. [2] Apostate JW's

Who inspired them to teach hatred towards enemies? God teaches love of enemies. Satan teaches just the opposite. God is the freedom to do good. Satan is the freedom to do evil. Luke 6:27-42;

The truth is the truth. The teachings of God and the temptations of Satan influence all people and all religions.

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1. The Watchtower says, 'We are wise to consider how powerful Satan is and how we can successfully resist him and his demons.' Watchtower Magazine, Mar 15, 2007, Article: 'Demons - How Can We Resist Them?'

2. Not all JW's follow WT's advice to hate people who leave. However unless they plan on leaving, it is not wise to challenge the Watchtower about anything. It's not allowed.

2b. Disagreement or being critical of the organization leads to disfellowshipping, shunning, loss of all friends, relatives, and loved ones who belong to Watchtower. This is especially harsh because JW's are not allowed to have close friends outside the Watchtower organization.

3. Spiritual enlightenment is not about doctrines or beliefs. Salvation is not about whether there's a trinity or about refusing blood transfusions or not celebrating Mother's Day. Spiritual enlightenment is loving God by loving all the people He created. It's about loving people who don't love us. It's about acceptance without judgment. It's about loving 'enemies' and people who think we're mentally diseased apostates

3b. Spiritual darkness is the lack of God's love. It's about loving only the people who love you. JW's are taught to love other JW's and people who might be interested in joining them. That's easy.

3c. Even though obeying Watchtower rules put us on a narrow path, it's not the narrow road leading to eternal life. When it comes to love, the organization's path is the broad and spacious path most people take. Luke 6:32;

3d. Loving people who don't love you is much harder. That's why Jesus said that 'narrow is the gate' and cramped is the road leading to eternal life. Few are the ones finding it.

3e. Jesus told us that true love is the path to eternal life, - not true religion. Read all the words of Jesus in the Bible. What did Jesus teach by word and example? It wasn't adherence to strict rules and it wasn't the Mosaic Law. Jesus didn't teach shunning and hatred of enemies. Jesus taught us to love all people because God is kind to the 'ungrateful and wicked'. In this way we become 'sons of the Most High'. Luke 6:35

4. God did not give Adam and Eve 141 rules and a rigid belief system. He didn't say people need to be 'like-minded'. People were created to be free. They can disagree and debate. They can wonder. They can imagine. They can create new theories about how life and the universe began. They can speculate about God and what it's like to be a spiritual, eternal being with no end and no beginning. Freedom of speech is called 'communication'. It's not a sin. It's is a basic human right. People can believe, do, and say whatever they want as long as they love God and their neighbors. Luke 10:25-37;

4b. Freedom and love is essential for world peace in the 'paradise earth' JW's pray for.

5. Jehovah's theocratic organization means run by God through His representatives. Google these keywords: theocracy, theocratic government, Islam, theocracy human rights, etc. See Theocracy