Should I Leave The Jehovah's Witnesses and The Watchtower

Wow! We know it's a big step for you to ask that question and be here. It's a tough decision leaving the Watchtower. You will have much to gain if you decide to leave. But unfortunately leaving is rarely without sacrifice. The fact that you're asking this question tells us you have nagging doubts. Millions of jehovah's Witnesses have left the Watchtower organization. You are not alone if you decide to leave. And if you decide to stay, it means that the Jehovah's Witnesses is the perfect religion for you.

There are many reasons why people are proud to be Jehovah's Witnesses and we're sure you know what those reasons are. However you may not be aware of what Jehovah sees. Why? Because it's rare for the Watchtower to admit mistakes, errors, or wrong doing. Usually the only way to learn anything negative about the organization is from outside sources, - usually former Jehovah's Witnesses, because most of the world doesn't know enough about the Jehovah's Witnesses to comment on what they believe and people inside the organization cannot discuss their nagging doubts with you without the risk of getting trouble.

Is My Religion The Best One?

Bookmark this page. Carefully read all the articles on this web site. Follow the links to YouTube.Com videos and other web sites. Do your homework even if it takes days or even weeks to compile all the information. Take your time. Ponder upon each article. Read them several times. Sleep on the information. Pray to Jehovah for understanding and wisdom.

Don't be in a rush to leave the organization if you have family members and close friends inside. If you leave right away and get disfellowshipped, you may lose most or all of your closest relationships. You know your situation best but it may be wise to stay in long enough to take people with you. If you are working inside the organization its easier to make a difference. After you leave and they label you an 'apostate', Jehovah's Witnesses are programmed to ignore and reject everything you say even if you have reliable information.

Do The Jehovah's Witnesses Have The Truth?

Should I Leave?

Are you happy? If not Jehovah is trying to tell you something. Listen to him. Do you want to be free to worship Jehovah directly based on your own conscience and understanding of the Bible? Or do you prefer accept at face value everything the Watchtower tells you is 'the truth'? Do you have nagging doubts about being 'in the truth' or that the Watchtower is God's organization? Once again Jehovah is calling out to you. Listen to him and you will be blessed for your faithfulness.