Spiritual Darkness.

My Religion Is The Truth.

If you're a Witness, you believe you are in God's light. You are in the truth. All other religions are in spiritual darkness and false. However, what if you're wrong? When your days are done and you pass away, will God hold you accountable if you made a mistake and supported the wrong religion? Although no one knows for sure, we can remind you of God's perspective based on what the Bible and the Watchtower teaches.

God Vs Religion.

Read your Bible, WITHOUT Watchtower literature. What does it say? Are the teachings of the Watchtower 'the truth' based on what the Bible says? If you notice contradictions, will you put your faith in God's Word? Or will you put your faith in the words of man?

If you choose man over God, how will that help you when you stand before God all alone and he asks you why you obeyed religious leaders who don't have any divine inspiration? You know that Jehovah is a jealous God. What will be your excuse? You could argue that you were deceived but not wicked. You could tell him about all the hard work you did for the organization and the sacrifices you made because you thought the Governing Body was God's slave. Excuses didn't work for Adam and Eve. According to your beliefs, Jehovah is a God of judgment and righteousness.

If your religion teaches good things, what possibly can be wrong with it? Why would Jehovah disapprove of an organization that carries his holy name?

If you read the Bible and interpret it based on what the Bible actually says, you will notice that the Watchtower interprets the Bible differently. Why? because they want you to worship God through them! Instead of telling you that God should be your only authority, they tell you to obey Jehovah AND his organization. They have made themselves equal partners with God!

According to the Bible's ancient laws on idolatry, statues and all visible representations of Jehovah are not acceptable. JW's don't wear crosses. They don't have pictures of God or Jesus. They are careful not to own any religious images for God. However since 1985 they've been dedicating their life to God's 'visibile organization'. See Baptism Vows

The Watchtower has become the symbol for salvation for JW"s, just like the ark in Noah's day. Watchtower Sept 1989

Because we know Jehovah is a jealous God, we know he hasn't chosen one religion to be 'his organization' and his 'slave'. A jealous God would never want never want us to be loyal to an organization, just like a jealous wife would not want to share her husband with another woman. False doctrines about God's slave, the 144,000, and dedication to 'God's organization' were fabricated by the Watchtower to trick you into obeying them.

If you know Jehovah, you know he doesn't want us to bow down to Elders and obey them. It's one thing to listen respectfully when we ask for advice. It's another thing to be 'submissive' and 'obey' men who claim to have the authority of God. [1] Idolatry is forbidden in the Watchtower religion. Why then is the organization and it's leaders given so much prominence? Why must we live our life based on what they say is the truth? Why can't we read the Bible, pray to God for wisdom and answer directly to him? Can the Watchtower save us from death and grant us everlasting life? Or is God the only path to salvation? If you believe that a religion can save you, then it has become your God. Read Watchtower quotes about rebellion against Jehovah's organization

Of course even though they've convinced Witnesses that they are 'His Organization', 'the truth', 'God's slave', and his 'channel of communication', there is no factual proof to back up anything they say. What they teach is not based on a solid foundation. It's based on sand, because their superiority over all other religions cannot be proven using any Bible translation.

You know the Bible better than most Christians. Tell us what the Bible says. Prove to us based from the Bible, that what we say on this website is not correct. So far not one single JW has been able to do that.

The Watchtower teaches that eternal life in God's Kingdom is dependent upon truthful beliefs. The truth comes from God and His Word. Compare what the Watchtower says to what the Bible says and always choose the truth.

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Put your faith in God. Make Jesus your only authority because the Bible says ALL authority has been given unto him. Matthew 28:18,19; He will set you free from spiritual darkness. Matthew 11:27-30

Myths and Spiritual Darkness.


1. All religions have leaders that are respected. However Christians are not slaves of man. It's one thing to listen respectfully to a teacher when you ask for advice. It's another thing to obey and be submissive. The Watchtower says this, 'And should we not strive to be obedient and submissive to those taking the lead in our local congregation?' Watchtower Magazine, Nov 15, 2009, Article: 'Treasure Your Place in the Congregation', par 5.

Obedience to the organization is not optional. It is required. For proof, see the secret book for Elder's only Shepherd the Flock of God