Take Back Your Power.

Understand Your Enemy.

Leaving the organization does not automatically restore your power - especially if you were born into that religion and it's the only life you know. It can take months, years, decades, or a life time to find freedom and happiness.

When you accept help from people outside the organization who love their God by helping people in need, you can dramatically speed up your path towards love and happiness.

Say this over and over again, until it makes sense and is a part of your belief system.

"If there's no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm." Author Unknown

Our experiences in life depend upon what we choose to think about and what we choose to believe. Some former JW's never change their beliefs about the organization or the world. This keeps them in a religious trap that continues to control their life. Some disfellowshipped Witnesses have been out of the organization for decades and still think about going back some day. Others are happy and thankful that they left. They will never go back.

Why do some JW's find happiness outside the organization and others do not? Knowledge is the key. Some JW's ask many questions and do a lot of research. Other JW's do little or nothing. Your happiness for the rest of your life will depend on how much time you spend researching and learning. Knowledge is power.

The real religous trap is in our mind. That's the true enemy that causes us much pain. It's that little voice that says, why am so angry, why am I so confused, why am I so unhappy, why did I waste my life, ... etc, on and on

Don't feed your mind with thoughts that don't serve you. If you're not happy with your life, tell a different story! We've created our reality today based on what we've fed our mind, what we said, and what we've thought up until today. The enemy is rarely outside of us. The real enemy is the thoughts in our unconscious mind. If there's no enemy within, no one can hurt us.

Happiness begins when we take our power back. How do we do that? We do it when we consciously listen to every word we say to ourselves. We do it when we observe all our thoughts and memories that cause unhappiness. Then we consciously replace negative words with words and thoughts that bless us and everyone we touch.

Instead of beating ourselves up with negative words and thoughts all day long, what if we say things that move us towards where we want to go?

What would happen if we replaced our negative self talk with questions like this?

  • Why am I so happy?
  • Why am I on top of the world?
  • Why is today the best day of my life?
  • Why do good things always happen to me?
  • Why am I love?

But you might say, these are lies. I'm not happy, I don't feel loved, ... etc. Yes that's true now because of what you've told yourself for many years. All it takes is three weeks to start a new habit. Say encouraging things that will move your life in a better direction.

Do this first. For a couple of days observe every single word you say and every thought your have. Write them down. Negative self talk causes unhappiness, anger, confusion, sadness, depression, and pain. When you replace negative self talk with better language, your life starts to change.

Mind control is powerful. People can influence your thoughts and words, but at the end of the day, you call the shots. Will you keep your current beleif system that someone created for you? Or will you create a new belief system that restores your power, freedom, happiness, and direct relationship with God?

The organization leads you to believe that you only have two choices. You can stay with 'God's organization'. Or you can rebel against God like Satan did. The false assumption of course is that rebelling against an organization is the same as rebelling against God. Common sense tells us their's a huge difference between disagreeing with a publishing company in New York city and rejecting the Creator of the universe. Research this website and others. Knowledge is power. That's the first step.

Next it's important to know that you have more than just two choices. i.e. God's organization or Satan. The truth of the matter is you have many more choices. If your research leads you to believe that the organization can't be God's exclusive channel of communication, you can leave a your religion and dedicate your life directly to God. You will find that without the organization, you can draw closer to God and experience his love for you like never before.

All of us are free to make choices. We can stay where we're at. Or we can move to where the happiness is greater.

Words are powerful. They can empower you. Or they can destroy you. Say terrible things and your life will be terrible. Say nice things and your life will slowly begin to match your new words and thoughts.

As a JW you know that 'in the beginning was the Word'. The Word created all things. That's a profound statement, because everything in the world was created by a thought or word in someone's mind. Everything God created was good. You can create a better life too. All you need to do is change your words.

Change your words, change your thoughts, ... change your beliefs, ... change your life!

A good place to start is this website. Former Jehovah's Witnesses know what you're going through. They found happiness. You can too!

Treasure your direct relationship with God. Stop obeying him 'through' an organization or anyone else. Being in submission to those taking the lead in your religion will keep you in bondage. God will set you free. He loves you. Talk to him. Trust the messages God's holy spirit gives you. Listen to God's voice. Let him guide you in the way you should go. Take back your power. Let God be your strength in these difficult times.