The Truth About Eternal Life.

God told me everything I need to know about eternal life the day I was born.

When we were born we knew the truth.

We weren't Christians, Buddhists, Jehovah's Witnesses, or atheists. All we knew was love felt good.

Then someone told us about their religion. They said it is God's channel of communication and path to eternal life.

We believed them for a while. But when we found out the truth we hated God and judged Him harshly for lying to us. Some of us became atheists.

Then one day we stumbled upon something we already knew but had forgotten. God gave us the truth the day we were born. The truth is that love feels good. Jesus said, 'Do this and you will live'. Luke 10:25-37

Mother having fun with her baby. When were born we knew the truth. Love feels good.