Theocracy Basics.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe they belong to Jehovah God's 'theocratic' organization, the Watchtower. They believe their religion is run by God through his representatives. Here's how Watchtower theocracy works in a nutshell.

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses says they are God's faithful and discreet slave. [1a] [1b] They claim to be God's channel of communication in the world today. All other religions are said to be false and dominated by Satan the Devil. They believe that the entire world except for their organization is slated for destruction by Jehovah at armageddon. They believe that only Jehovah's Witnesses have any scriptural hope of being saved. Watchtower Sept 1989

How To Understand Jehovah's Theocratic Government.

  1. The Watchtower claims to be Jehovah's channel of communication and His 'spirit-directed organization' They are the only religion that has the truth.

  2. However on rare occasions the Watchtower has disclaimed having any divine inspiration. Mistakes are possible.

  3. Even though God does NOT inspire what they say and everything they teach could be wrong, the JW's are not allowed to disagree with the organization.

  4. Rebellion against the Watchtower is thought to be virtually the same as rebellion against God

  5. The Watchtower predicts that all other religions will be destroyed by God because they are dominated by Satan. Only JW's have an scriptural hope of surviving Armageddon. Watchtower Sept 1989. See what the Watchtower says about false religions and read more about Satan's organization

  6. Do theocratic governments always tell the truth? Not really, but its ok to hide the truth when you're protecting God's organization.

  7. Watchtower literature says that withholding the truth in certain situations does no harm. In fact it does much good. They say that when ancient people were accused of lying, there is no record in the Bible that they came under divine disapproval for this. See Theocratic Warfare Quotes (i.e. Theocratic Lies)

  8. The organization's leaders are appointed by the Watchtower. To maintain their position in the organization, JW leaders (i.e. Overseers, Elders, and Ministerial Servants) must obey the Watchtower and persuade all Jehovah's Witnesses to do the same.

  9. Jehovah's Witnesses treasure their place in the Watchtower organization. The more submissive they are to those taking the lead, and the more loyal they are to Jehovah's organization, the more likely they are to receive the prize of everlasting life in God's Kingdom. Watchtower Magazine, Nov 15, 2009, Article: 'Treasure Your Place in the Congregation'; Watchtower Magazine, March 15, 2009, Article: 'Keep Your Eyes on the Prize'.

  10. Is the Watchtower telling JW's the truth? Are they God's theocratic organization? Go back to step one.

Jehovah's Witnesses Know They Have 'The Truth'.

Unhappy Jehovah's Witnesses.

With such a belief system, it is easy to see why so many Jehovah's Witnesses are unhappy. However even if they leave, they are filled with guilt because they believe they left 'God's organization' and the best religion in the world. The best way to restore happiness after leaving the JW's is knowledge. If you're an unhappy JW, it's time to understand why you think the way that you think, and feel the way that you feel. It's time to take back your power.

Theocratic Warfare.

What is it? What does it mean? How does it affect your relationships with Jehovah's Witnesses you know?


1a. The Watchtower says, 'Today, the Governing Body represents the faithful and discreet slave class. There was a similar arrangement in the first century'. Watchtower June 15, 2009. Article: 'The Faithful Steward and Its Governing Body'.

1b. ' “The faithful and discreet slave” was appointed over Jesus’ domestics in 1919. That slave is the small, composite group of anointed brothers serving at world headquarters during Christ’s presence who are directly involved in preparing and dispensing spiritual food. When this group work together as the Governing Body, they act as “the faithful and discreet slave.” Nov 9, 2012, the Watchtower Annual Meeting Report

2. If you want to understand God's 'theocratic' organization, Google keywords such as these: theocracy, ... theocratic government, ... Islam, ... theocracy human rights, ... etc.