Theocratic Lies.

Stop. Don't Leave The Truth. Leave The Lies.


  1. The Watchtower Society's 'Theocratic Warfare' doctrine, says it's commendable to cover up 'incriminating information'.

  2. They believe the Bible gives them a license to hide the truth and that misleading the people comes with God's blessing.

  3. They have no fear of God's disapproval and have 'proved' from the Bible that deception in order to protect their organization from harm 'does much good'.

Watchtower Theocratic 'Warfare' Quotes.

'Spiritual Warfare' Against Non Believers and Apostates.

'No harm is practiced, however, by withholding incriminating information from one who is not entitled to know. ... Various characters of the Bible have been accused of lying, such as Jacob, Rahab, the Gibeonites, David and others, but there is no record in the Bible that they came under divine disapproval for this.' Watchtower Oct 1, 1954, 'Christians Live the Truth', par 21, 25

'So in time of spiritual warfare it is proper to misdirect the enemy by hiding the truth. It is done unselfishly; it does not harm anyone; on the contrary, it does much good. Today God's servants are engaged in a warfare, a spiritual, theocratic warfare, a warfare ordered by God against wicked spirit forces and against false teachings. God's servants are sent forth as sheep among wolves and therefore need to exercise the extreme caution of serpents so as to protect properly the interests of God's Kingdom. At all times they must be very careful not to divulge any information to the enemy that he could use to hamper the preaching work.'' Watchtower May 1, 1957 Page 285 - 286.

'We must tell the truth to one who is entitled to know, but if one is not so entitled we may be evasive. ... As a soldier of Christ he is in theocratic warfare and he must exercise added caution when dealing with God's foes. Thus the Scriptures show that for the purpose of protecting the interests of God's cause, it is proper to hide the truth from God's enemies.' Watchtower June 1, 1960, pages 351-352.

'While malicious lying is definitely condemned in the Bible, this does not mean that a person is under obligation to divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it. ... Evidently the course of Abraham, Isaac, Rahab, and Elisha in misdirecting or in withholding full facts from nonworshipers of Jehovah must be viewed in the same light. ' Insight On The Scriptures, Volume 2, 1988 pages 244-245.

'Jesus did not always disclose the full truth, especially when revealing all the facts could have brought unnecessary harm to himself or his disciples. Still, even at such times, he did not lie. Instead, he chose either to say nothing or to divert the conversation in another direction.—Matthew 15:1-6; 21:23-27; John 7:3-10. Faithful men and women mentioned in the Bible, such as Abraham, Isaac, Rahab, and David, were likewise shrewd and cautious when dealing with potential enemies. (Genesis 20:11-13; 26:9; Joshua 2:1-6; 1 Samuel 21:10-14) The Bible classifies such men and women as faithful worshipers whose lives were characterized by obedience. That makes them worthy of imitation.'—Romans 15:4; Hebrews 11:8-10, 20, 31, 32-39. Awake Feb 8, 2000, pp 20,21

Should Jehovah's People Tell The Truth?

Do Enemies of Jehovah Deserve The Truth?

'Jehovah was certainly pleased that Rahab protected the spies, as the Bible tells us at Hebrews 11:31.' Watchtower Aug 1, 2009, Article: 'Teach Your Children Rahab Listened to the News'. Also see the above quotes with references to Rahab.

'Does being truthful with others mean that we must disclose every detail to whoever asks us a question? Not necessarily. ... Jehovah’s people need to be on guard against apostates and other wicked men who use trickery or cunning for selfish purposes.' Watchtower June 15, 2009, Article: 'Speak Truth With Your Neighbor', par 6

'when individuals are drawn together by a mutual love for God, their friendship will be unshakable. If misunderstandings arise, true friends will treat each other in a way that pleases Jehovah. If opposers of God try to cause divisions, these enemies discover that friendships among true Christians are unbreakable. Throughout history, servants of Jehovah have proved their willingness to face death rather than betray one another.' Watchtower Oct 15, 2009, Article: 'Maintaining Friendships in a Loveless World', par 4.

'Spiritual Warfare' Against Loyal Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Watchtower tells loyal JW's and the public that all Jehovah's Witnesses are disfellowshipped for 'gross sins'. [4] They must be shunned and 'hated'. [4] JW's must not have anything to do with them because it's loving 'discipline from Jehovah'. [4] However they are hiding the truth.

What the Watchtower fails to mention (to current Jehovah's Witnesses) is that simply leaving the organization because of conscience, thought, or beliefs is considered serious 'wrong doing'! See Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses to see how leaving the organization became a sin in 1981.

Shunning 'wrong doers' is in fact 'spiritual warfare' against JW's. It forces loyal active JW's to remain silent if they disagree with anything the Watchtower says. It forces them to obey and be submissive, or face the consequences. [6]

Do You Deserve The Truth?

  • Now that you know what the organization has said about withholding incriminating information, will you trust them?

  • If you're a JW and the organization has nothing to hide, why do Elders and high ranking officials have access to information women and ordinary Witnesses are not allowed to read? See the secret Watchtower book, Shepherd the Flock of God and why they don't want anyone to read it except Watchtower Elders.


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  5. Read the truth about how JW's have been deceived for over 100 years. They believe they belong to 'God's organization' but the Watchtower's false predictions from 1889 to 2008 proves they have no divine inspiration. Their historical track record confirms that God is not on their side.

  6. Shunning forces JW's to remain silent if they disagree with Watchtower rules or doctrines. JW's know that if they disagree with 'God's representatives' (the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses), they will be shunned. It also gives JW's no incentive for researching the Watchtower from independent sources or from apostate websites. They know that factual information outside the Watchtower Society will 'shake their faith' and cause them to leave. Leaving the Watchtower for any reason means they will be shunned. Most JW's are too weak to risk losing close family members and friends. You really can't blame them. Only the strong are willing to stand up for what is right and speak out against injustice. The real reasons for disfellowshipping and shunning is in their secret rule book for JW Elders only. Women, children, and all males who are not elders are not allowed to read the rules of the organization. These secret rules are only available to Elders who are appointed and have proven their loyalty to the Watchtower over a long period of time.

  7. 2013 Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. Video: Shun Your Family

  8. A wise man once said this. 'When an honest man discovers he's mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, - or he will cease being honest.' Draw your own conclusions about the Watchtower's mistakes and honesty based on the factual evidence in their literature since 1879. Check out our popular new articles