Thy Kingdom Come.

When Will God Establish His Kingdom?

Jesus taught us about the true nature of God and his love for all of us.

God will establish his Kingdom when people learn to love and accept their neighbors, just like they are, without judgment. That's what all religions should be teaching today. That's how religions can help God establish his kingdom as soon as possible.

Years ago people were isolated in their own little tribes. This made them fearful of anyone other than people in their tribe. They distrusted anyone who was different. Some even hated their enemies. This is not the way Jesus taught us to be.

Today with jet travel, modern communication systems, education, and understanding, people are starting to see that their neighbors who belong to other 'tribes' aren't as evil as they thought they were. The world is becoming more tolerant and more loving. This trend towards unconditional love is spreading faster than wild fire. Soon the dominant theme of this planet will be love. The old world of emotional pain, hate, and violence will be a thing of the past. God will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more because people will understand God's unconditional love for everyone he created. They will live in God's heart forever.