Truth? Or Apostate Lies?

  • If you're a JW, the Watchtower has told you that everything we say is a lie. How do you know who's telling the truth? Are we lying to you? Or has the Watchtower been lying to you? Someone is not telling the truth. Could it be us?

  • The way to know the truth is to exercise your Christian freedom and see what happens. In fact by the end of this short article, any reasonable JW will know the truth. What you do about it though is between you and Jehovah.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Watchtower sets them free. They only obey Jehovah and the Bible. Is that true?

e.g. Consider these hypothetical questions. What would be the correct answer? What if you read only your Bible without Watchtower literature and notice a difference between what the Watchtower says and what the Bible says? What if you pray to Jehovah and get answers that are different than what you've been taught? Are you free to believe what you see in your Bible?

This is a tough question for Jehovah's Witnesses because they've told you everything they believe is in the Bible and they are the only true religion. If you're a faithful JW, you might believe everything they tell you. That's ok. All you would be doing is testing them.

e.g. as a test, you might tell everyone in your congregation that JW's are free to do and say anything they want. If you believe you're free, then be honest! Tell everyone. No one should disagree with that. Right?

Even if you believe the Watchtower is Jehovah's channel of communication, pretend that you don't for a few days or a month. Tell them you've been reading your Bible without Watchtower literature to make sure you have the truth. Tell them your only authority is the Bible and Jehovah. Later you can tell them you were just kidding. But for now, just find out if you're really free to follow just the Bible and Jehovah. Or is obedience to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses required as well?

Why not tell an Elder you don't believe the Watchtower is God's only channel of communication. Tell them other religions teach good things too.

Tell the Elders and all your friends that your only authority is Jehovah. No one needs to obey the Watchtower because Jehovah demands exclusive devotion. It's wrong to obey humans, ... etc. ...

Tell them you believe some of the Watchtower teachings could be wrong. Don't do anything bad or 'wicked', just question Watchtower authority and break some little rules right in front of them to prove you can do anything you want. Prove to yourself you are free like the Watchtower says you are. Prove to yourself that your only authority is Jehovah.

Here's an idea. Why not do something nice? Tell an Elder you appreciate them so much you'd like to get them a gift for their birthday. Tell the Elder's you'd like to join the YMCA, just to use their fitness area, or tell everyone you shop regularly at the Salvation Army or that you started taking yoga lessons. Tell them you attended another church with a worldly friend. See what kind of reaction you get.

Or simply tell them you've been online reading what apostate websites say because you love the truth.

Do some little thing that Jehovah's Witnesses can't do. You don't need to have a blood transfusion or celebrate a holiday or break a Bible rule. Don't do anything immoral or unkind. Just put them to the test. Even if you agree with everything the Watchtower says, just pretend that you disagree with a few little things to see what happens. Are you really free? Can you read only your Bible and decide for yourself what you will believe? Can you follow your conscience? Can you pray to Jehovah and trust His guidance? Or are you restricted in what you can do, say, believe, and even think?

The only way you'll know the truth is to test the Watchtower and see if you're really free or not. Is it just you and Jehovah?

If you're free like you believe you are, you have absolutely nothing to fear. If you're right and we're wrong, nothing bad will happen to you. You'll know the truth if you put the Watchtower to the test.

The truth about Jehovah's Witnesses.