Two Choices.

The Fallacy of Two Choices.

Imagine living in a black and white world. In your world, you know the mind of God. You know his purpose. You know 'the truth' about everything. You are righteous. You are living in a spiritual paradise and you are chosen by God.

Anyone outside your world is 'out of the truth'. They a part of Satan's wicked organization.

In this black and white world, you believe you are free. However there are only two options to choose from.

This article is about the two choices Jehovah's Witnesses have. Learn how both choices can lead to unhappiness and even mental illness.

  1. An intriguing story of religious control
  2. Why it's so hard to leave the Watchtower Society
  3. The beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses

In this article, you'll learn how innocent looking words spoken over and over again without any thought, can easily trap victims in a world from which there is no escape.

The key to happiness is not a secret, but the truth that sets people free is a secret to millions of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Only those who search for truth outside the Watchtower organization will find it. However this is not an option for 'spiritually strong' Jehovah's Witnesses.

What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe.

Since 1925, the Watchtower has been telling Jehovah's Witnesses they have been set free from 'false worship' and are part of 'God's organization' - the only true religion that God approves of in the entire world. However this 'freedom' is in fact a trap. Here's why.

The Watchtower tells Jehovah's Witnesses they have only two choices.

  1. God's channel of communication (their religion)

  2. OR Satan's organization (everyone else)

( See the Watchtower magazine, Jan 15, 2001, Article: 'Keep in Step With Jehovah's Organization', par 9,10; Watchtower June 15, 1987, Article: Testing and Sifting in Modern Times, par 13,14; Only JW's have an scriptural hope of surviving armageddon. Watchtower Sept 1989 )

The belief that they have only two choices keeps Jehovah's Witnesses loyal even when they have nagging doubts. They believe they are free, but at the same time they know they are trapped and confined with no way out.

Even if a JW secretly disagrees with doctrines and has serious doubts, where can they go? Will they choose Satan over God?

What Is The Truth?

Is it true that JW's only have two choices? Is it true that Satan only tempts people outside their religion? Is it true that JW's are immune from the temptations of Satan? Is it true that God doesn't love any of the people he created, except for Jehovah's Witnesses? Of course not!

Wrong Beliefs.

Due to their mental programming, JW's only see two options. i.e. God's organization, the Watchtower religion, and Satan's organization (everyone else).

The truth is that God loves all his people.

Loving and kind people who are 'Christ-like' exist in all religions. Some people are not Christians and possibly don't have a religion, yet they follow Christ's example of love.

On the other hand, in every organization, the potential for evil, hate, and unloving behaviors exists. Why? Because people are not perfect. We all make mistakes. We all do and say things we later regret.

e.g. even though the organization of Jehovah's Witness says that God is love, notice what they say about Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses. Are they acting in harmony with what the Bible says about God's love? Do true Christians and followers of Jesus treat people this way? If not, who inspired them to write such unkind words?

Satan is darkness because he left God's love. Evil is an absence of God's love. People of all religions and those with no religion at all have a choice. They can make God happy by being examples of love. Or they can leave God's way and choose their own path.

Therefore God exists in all religions. And Satan tempts all people, - regardless of the religion they belong to.

It is a fallacy to believe there are only two organizations, - God's organization, the Watchtower Society, and Satan's organization, the entire world outside the JW faith. Everyone is tempted to leave God and be unkind, - regardless of their religion or lack thereof.

The Truth.

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations, belief systems, and religions, NOT just two! All people, no matter how loving, are tempted to do unkind things from time to time. All people are tempted by 'Satan' to leave God's love.

All organizations are made up of imperfect people. We as people, have the potential to be examples of God's love. We also have the potential to make Satan happy. Hate, unkindness, jealousy, anger, revenge, and the temptations to be less than Christ-like, exists in all organizations.

The truth is this. God's organization is not limited to only one religion. God exists in all religions. Satan exists in all religions as well. Organizations are not made up of perfect people. Therefore no organization is perfect. All organizations make mistakes in doctrines. All organizations fall short of God's love. Not one organization on the planet is God's exclusive 'channel of communication'.

If you're an unhappy Jehovah's Witness or a former Jehovah's Witness who is emotionally upset, stop the control, manipulation, and guilt today. There are more than two organizations and no organization is God's exclusive channel of communication. None are perfect.

Truth, false beliefs, love, and unkindness exists in all religions. One is not better than another. All are doing their best to please God, but none are without fault. Watch this beautiful video, 'What Rainbows Teach Us About God'