Watchtower Predicts End Of Their Religion At Armageddon.

Oddly enough, the Watchtower has predicted the destruction of their own religion at Armageddon.

For many years, the Watchtower has criticized 'false religions' for tolerating pedophiles and not adequately tending to victims. However during the same time period, they knew the same problems existed within their own organization.

In recent years courts have awarded compensation for victims of child abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses religion. The problem is much bigger than anyone would have imagined. More and more victims are stepping forward and telling their story.

According to the Watchtower, the end of 'false religion' is right around the corner. Is the Watchtower being too hard on themselves? Certainly they're not that evil that Jehovah would destroy them, - are they? But that's what they say. Why did they predict the end of false religions when they knew they were a 'false religion' as well? Isn't that strange? Take a look at these Watchtower quotes.

The End Of False Religions At Armageddon. Watchtower Quotes.

'Today, billions of humans are involved in various forms of false religion that can be traced back to ancient Babylon. (Gen. 11:6-9) Collectively, those religions are designated as “Babylon the Great, the mother of the harlots and of the disgusting things of the earth.” (Rev. 17:5) False religion has a long history of supporting the political rulers of this world. Among “the disgusting things” that she bears responsibility for are the many wars that have resulted in hundreds of millions being “slaughtered on the earth.” (Rev. 18:24) Additional “disgusting things” include acts of pedophilia and other forms of sexual immorality committed by clergymen and tolerated by the church authorities. Is it any wonder that Jehovah God will soon rid this earth of false religion?—Rev. 18:8.' Watchtower magazine, June 15, 2008, Article: 'Things From Which We Must Flee', par 10

' “Some dioceses still shield priests accused of pedophilia,” ran a recent headline in the U.S. newspaper National Catholic Reporter. The newspaper interviewed Jeffrey Anderson, a lawyer who specializes in cases of sexual abuse. He estimates that since 1985, when priestly pedophilia came under increased public scrutiny, there have been over a thousand cases in which priests molested children. Anderson had some harsh words for the church’s response to the ongoing crisis: “It is a continuing saga of avoiding responsibility,” he charges, decrying the church’s focus on protecting the accused clerics. “As a general rule, the institutional response of the church has been willfully inadequate both in tending to victims and dealing with risks.” ' Awake magazine, Aug 22, 1991, 'Watching the World', Subtitle: 'Shielding Pedophile Priests?'

'A conference of U.S. Catholic bishops received a report on the “catastrophe” of priest pedophile litigation. The 100-page report, states the Journal, “detailed a strategy for limiting the Church’s liability from civil lawsuits to $1 billion [$1,000 million] based on the 30 suits then pending.” The lawsuits are being brought by the Catholic parents of the children involved. And psychiatrists who treat the young victims of these crimes report long-term, often permanent, damage. ... God’s Word speaks of such “disgraceful sexual appetites” by which males are “inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males, working what is obscene,” and adds that the “righteous decree of God” is that “those practicing such things are deserving of death.”—Romans 1:26, 27, 32; see also 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10. ... Undoubtedly, much of the problem arises because of the unscriptural practice of celibacy, forbidding priests to marry.' Awake magazine, Dec 8, 1990, Article: ' “A Sexual Crisis” Among the Clergy ' [NOTE: Ironically, the Watchtower organization would soon come under fire, for the same sins 'deserving of death' according to their own words. Although the Watchtower has a history of discouraging marriage and the bearing of children before 'armageddon' [1], allowing Jehovah's Witnesses to get married has not eliminated pedophilia.

Watchtower Predicts The End Of Their Religion.

Recently child abuse victims have been taking JW Elders to court and winning large settlements that may soon bankrupt the Watchtower.

Will Watchtower predictions come true? Is Armagedoon 'right around the corner'? And is their religion slated for destruction at the hands of Jehovah along with all the other 'false religions'? When will Jehovah 'vindicate his holy name' and rid the earth of 'false religion' forever?

For most of us, predictions about Armageddon and talk about 'false religions' is nonsensical information. It has no meaning and no one really cares, except Jehovah's Witnesses. Their entire religion and way of life revolves upon making it through Armageddon alive.

God bless all of you, - especially Jehovah's Witnesses. And remember to stay alive until 2975.

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