Watchtower Secrets.

You won't find answers on their JW.ORG website. And you won't know the truth by talking with Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a story about bigotry, religious intolerance, persecution, judgment, and hatred towards JW's who leave the organization. This has been going on since 1952. The truth is shocking but true.

Former JW's (apostates) are trashed and shunned as if they're literally dead. Those who stay in the organization are punished as well. Everyone grieves. Millions have lost their parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, ... all their close relationships, and friendships because of Watchtower doctrines that JW's are too embarrassed to talk about or even admit.

"You Will Know Them By Their Fruit." Matthew 7:15-23

False Prophet. Matthew 7:21-23.

Here's a list of False Watchtower Prophecies from 1889 to 2008.

Hatred Towards JW's Who Leave Their Religion.

In order to protect the Watchtower from harm, Jehovah's Witnesses will tell outsiders that apostate former JW's have 'an axe to grind' and are 'bitter'. That's why they say so many negative things. They'll make you believe they are the victims and not the perpetrators of unkindness. This is a 'theocratic war strategy' that deceives the public and protects the organization.

Let's look at the facts. Look at the words the Watchtower uses to describe 'apostates'.

Supporters of the Watchtower use the same and even more vulgar 'theocratic' language [4] because it's encouraged within their church. We'll only mentioned a few words and phrases that are easily documented in Watchtower magazines. [15]

Hated in the truest sense with extreme and active aversion
Makes you recoil
Filthy, to detest
False teachers
Shun apostates
Characteristics similar to the Devil
Avoid all contact
Wicked men
They use trickery
They are like criminals
Contagious, diseased, you can die from contact with them
People in Satan's world
Mentally diseased
Hardened enemies of Jehovah
Hate the person

Judgment, hatred, isolation, and shunning continues. They will not listen. There's no end in sight. All we can do is make the public aware in hopes they will come to their senses and stop the practice of hating people who disagree.

Love is attractive and will benefit their organization. Hate is repulsive and a rejection of Jesus. Matthew 7:1-5; Luke 6:27-42; Matthew 5:46

This ministry supports those who have who have been harmed by any religion.

A Secret JW's Don't Know.

Even though there are few bad apples in any religion, JW's are known for being friendly, law abiding citizens. The Watchtower calls them 'sheep' because they follow their shepherd, - the Watchtower.

JW's strongly disagree that the Watchtower is their shepherd. They believe they worship Jehovah and the Watchtower merely explains what He requires. JW's believe the Watchtower is Jehovah's channel of communication. [8]

It is only when a JW breaks a Watchtower rule or questions the authority of the organization using the Bible, that they discover obedience to the Watchtower has nothing to do with God's Word or 'the truth'. Obedience to Elders and the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is not optional. It's mandatory, no matter what the Bible says. In fact interpreting the Bible differently or pointing out scriptures that contradict the teachings of the organization is considered apostasy and a solid reason for excommunication ('disfellowshipping' and shunning). [8]

Satan Masquerades As An Angel Of Light.

Satan competes with God for devotion. So does Watchtower. The Watchtower has tricked JW's into believing that obeying them is exactly the same thing as obeying God when in fact it is not.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that rebellion against the Watchtower Society is the same as rebellion against God. The truth is exactly the opposite. Loyalty to the organization is rebellion against God. Read this article and find out why.

A Wake Up Call For JW's.

What a shock it is for JW's. Some have spent 20, 30, 40 years slaving for Jehovah's organization. They did everything the Watchtower told them to do because they thought it was Jehovah's purpose. Then they abruptly find out they were deceived! OMG! All those years wasted. They did nothing for God! Everything was for the Watchtower organization.

It's a terrible sinking feeling it is when a JW accidentally stumbles upon the truth for the first time.

Those of us who have thoroughly researched the Watchtower, know it's secrets but JW's are kept in darkness. Knowledge is censored. [13]

Zealous JW's are not aware that Watchtower rules must be followed, - even if they disagree and can prove from the Bible that they're right.

Watchtower rules are written down but JW's are not allowed to read them unless they achieve the rank of Elder or higher. Anyone who finds out the truth about the Watchtower must 'go'. The Watchtower cannot risk being exposed. If that were to happen they could lose entire congregations.

The Simple Solution To Watchtower Problems.

What to do? Well for the Watchtower the solution is simple. Instead of considering what JW's have to say, admitting error, and changing the organization for the better, they've been doing the same old thing since the 1950's. Just throw JW's into the trash like filth. JW's who know the truth can't be used anymore, so in the trash they go. [1]

JW's who aren't 100% loyal to the Watchtower or simply resign from the organization get disfellowshipped or 'disassociated'. No one is allowed to speak with them or even say 'hi' (except for rare exceptions).

There is no honorable and dignified way to leave the Watchtower as friends.

We know it sounds horrible for your closest family and friends to abandon you forever as if you're literally dead, but there's more.

Not only are JW's shunned, but their good names are trashed and reputations ruined. They are treated like worthless and disgusting filth. JW's are led to believe that everyone who leaves is immoral and evil, when in fact most leave because they no longer want to work for the organization anymore. Either they don't believe anymore, they don't agree, they disagree with some Watchtower rules they can't find anywhere in the Bible, or they wish exercise basic human rights and freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion. [14]

The Secret Dumpster.

There are two faces of the organization. One is God-like, pure and moral. This face appears genuine, - a wholesome religion with an attractive modern website, and congregations filled with beautiful, kind hearted people. The part about the beautiful people is true. For the most part, JW's are good people. But there's also the secret dumpster in the back that no one ever sees. Watchtower Elders are instructed to act immediately before the entire congregation gets wind of what happened. [2] Matthew 23:27; [11] [12]

The Watchtower doesn't tell JW's why JW's have left the organization because that's another secret. Instead, JW's are told that all EX-JW's are 'wrong doers', immoral, and now part of Satan's world.

Since JW's are not allowed to consider what EX JW's have to say, the truth is hidden from members.

JW's are told that associating with JW's who leave the Watchtower is 'bad associations' even if they happen to be your parents, children, or close family.

What It's Like Leaving The Watchtower Religion.

Have you ever lived through a disaster such as a tornado or hurricane or 9/11? What is the first thing people do? They make sure their relatives and friends are safe. In the Watchtower Society when someone leaves their religion, the consequences can be even more destructive. The house, car, and boat makes it through the war zone without a scratch, but lives are lost. JW's lose their relatives and friends forever (unless they return to the organization). JW's cannot even say, 'Hi' to those who leave. Most will not even make eye contact.

Thus when some JW's are thrown into the trash (suddenly disfellowshipped and shunned), it's like their entire world has come to an end. Everyone they love has died on the same day and they're all alone. Suddenly there's complete silence. Everything goes black. No family. No friends. And no tools to cope with unimaginable loss.

Recovery can take years and even decades. Some never recover. Some commit suicide. The lucky ones check themselves into a mental hospital or ask for professional counseling and recover in a few months. But most JW's would never do such a thing unless perhaps they're ready to take their own life and are desperately looking for one last reason not to do it. [10]

God's Love VS Religious Intolerance.

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Are they leading 'God's organization'? Yes? or No? And why? Join the discussion on Facebook.

"apoyar la organizacion de dios” Spanish for “support the organization of God.”

The Watchtower is very concerned about their public image, but they have no problem trashing the good name and reputation of millions of JW's who have left their religion. [15] They also have no problem breaking up families and close personal relationships.

The Watchtower publishes articles inciting hatred towards former JW's in their magazines. [15] This information is studied and discussed at public congregation meetings. JW's zealously distribute Watchtower bigotry to the entire world and assure us it's 'the good news' from 'God's organization'.

All that matters is the Watchtower organization.

Watchtower Slaves.

JW's are a dime a dozen. They're disposable. When they can't be used any more, just get rid of them. The Watchtower knows that active JW's will eagerly will go door to door and find new recruits for Jehovah. It's been that way for over a 100 years. Loyal JW's work hard and free of charge to bring good people into the organization. Then the Watchtower thanks their worker bees with disfellowshipping and shunning if they refuse to bow down and continue a life of servitude.

Moral? Or Immoral?

The Watchtower takes what doesn't belong to them. i.e. relationships that belong to someone else. Then they offer to give back what they took if JW's come back to the organization and start working for them again. It's a beautiful system for the Watchtower at the expense of their members. Is taking what doesn't belong to you moral? Or immoral?

Who's To Blame?

Who does the Watchtower blame for the punishment they are responsible for?

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  2. Jehovah [16]
  3. Jesus [16]

Additional Information.

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3. JW's believe apostates have left 'God's organization' and are now part of 'Satan's organization'. Their world is black and white. It's either the Watchtower or Satan. There are only two choices

4. Jehovah's 'Theocratic' organization refers to a form of government that is ruled by God through His 'representatives'. To learn more, do a Google search using keywords such as these. Theocracy, ... theocratic government, ... Islam, ... theocracy human rights, ... etc.

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8. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that even though they pray to God and have a close relationship with Him, God speaks only with the Watchtower. i.e. God speaks to the Watchtower and the Watchtower tells Jehovah's Witnesses what God said.

If a JW were to get a message directly from God, they would need to check with the Watchtower first and make sure that's what God really said. If God gives them one answer and the Watchtower gives them another, then where would their loyalties be? If they're loyal to the Watchtower, they reject God. If they're loyal to God, they risk disfellowshipping and abandonment. That's why critics say, JW's Can't Put God First

9. JW's parrot back what the Watchtower tells them. i.e. Jehovah's Witnesses follow the Bible and everything they teach is Bible based. Really? Here are 12 Things The Watchtower Teaches That Are NOT Bible Based

10. 24/7 Help Lines For Depressed JW's. If you're a JW and really depressed, lots of free help is available 24/7. You can talk with someone right now. Google 'suicide hotlines'. You might believe you're all alone and there's nothing to live for, but it's not true. The big bad world the Watchtower warned you about is actually filled with kind, loving, and understanding people. Yes there are some dangerous people but most are understanding and compassionate. Many of us are volunteers and ask for nothing in return. We don't think like the Watchtower. God's way is love, - not hatred and throwing people in the garbage when you're done using them. The world outside the Watchtower is filled with good moral people who love God with all their heart and their neighbors as themselves.

11. Please note that some of us have been away from the organization so long that we can look back at it as a bad dream. Some might even see the humor in comparing used disposable diapers with used disposable JW's because of the words the Watchtower uses to describe them. But for those who are in the process of leaving, it's not a laughing matter at all. We apologize if it seems we are making fun of something very serious. What we're talking about is so painful and disturbing it can't be fully comprehended unless you've personally experienced disfellowshipping

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