Watchtower Truths Can Change At Any Time!

Are You In The Truth?

If you are a Jehovah's Witness, you believe you have 'the truth' and everyone else is wrong. What does being 'in the truth' mean to you? When something is true, it is always true. The truth does not change. Is that the kind of truth you have?

If the truth can change, it means that it isn't always true. We call this type of truth 'current' truth or 'progressive' truth. What's true today, may not be true tomorrow and visa versa.

Truths that change back and forth are really not 'truths' at all. Let's be honest and call these 'truths' by their 'real' name. They are 'opinions'. Opinions can change at anytime. The truth can't change.

Not only that, but people can disagree about opinions. What you believe in might be different from what everyone else believes in.

Their 'truth' is not better than your 'truth'. Everyone merely has different viewpoints or perspectives. We all have opinions and interpretations of the Bible. Our opinions might change tomorrow, but for today they are true for us. However it is a mistake to call our opinions 'the truth'. It is likely that no one has the truth because the truth can always change tomorrow.

If we had the truth we'd both be in agreement. No one can disagree with 'the truth' because the truth is always true.

Here Are Some Examples Of Truths. The Truth Is Always True.

  • The sky is blue on sunny days
  • The Law of Gravity is always true
  • The date and time of your birth will not change
  • Our planet is a sphere
  • Our body functions better with good food, clean water, and plenty of rest

If something is the truth it can never change. It will always be true. No one can argue with the truth, because the truth makes sense to everyone. When there are conflicting viewpoints, or our opinions can change tomorrow, we don't have 'the truth'. We have opinions. If we had the truth we'd both be in agreement and our viewpoints would never change. The truth is always true.

What Is The Truth?

Read these articles. Do they have the truth? Or do they have interpretations of the Bible that can change in the future?

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