Join The Jehovah's Witnesses and Be Saved!

The Truth? Or Deception?

'Your attitude toward the wheatlike anointed “brothers” of Christ and the treatment you accord them will be the determining factor as to whether you go into “everlasting cutting-off” or receive “everlasting life.” (Matt. 25:34-46) Prove yourself to be a loyal companion of the anointed “wheat” class, the “faithful and discreet slave,” whom Christ has appointed to provide spiritual “food at the proper time.” (Matt. 24:45)' Watchtower Magazine, Aug 1, 1981, Article: 'Harvesting in the “Time of the End”', Subtitle: "The Harvest of the Earth" Continues, par 20 ( See What does the Bible say About God's Faithful and Discreet Slave )

The Nov 15, 1981 Watchtower says, 'Any person who wants to survive into God’s righteous new order urgently needs to come into a right relationship with Jehovah and His earthly organization now.' Watchtower Magazine, Nov 15, 1981, Article: ‘Stay Awake and Keep Your Senses’, Subtitle: 'Come to Jehovah Now'

What Does The Bible Say?

Christians are saved by Jesus. He is their ONLY authority. Matthew 28:18,19. Christians may belong to a religion or go to church but they do not dedicate their life to any religion. They have a direct relationship with God symbolized by baptism.

However Jehovah's Witnesses have many masters. They are saved by being obedient to Jesus, Jehovah, the Apostle Paul, congregation Elders, and the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Their baptism identifies them as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Get Into The Ark While You Can.

Salvation is based on performance in the JW faith. They must work for eternal life and never know if they have done enough for Jehovah. JW's are never assured of their salvation. They must be work for God and the organization until armageddon or death, whichever comes first. [1]

According to the Watchtower, the anointed Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses has a direct relationship with Jesus. [2] In order for Jehovah's Witnesses to benefit from the ransom sacrifice of Jesus, they must obey the Governing Body and appointed congregation Elders. [3]

Unwittingly, the organization has become a symbol of salvation for Jehovah's Witnesses just like the Ark in Noah's day. Psalms 3:8; Exodus 20:4,5. Watchtower Magazine, Sept 1989

However, giving undue reverence to anyone or anything, - i.e. any symbol or statue is not allowed in the JW faith. According to the Watchtower, 'Salvation is not to be ascribed to human institutions or their symbols.' Watchtower Sept 15, 2002, article 'Salvation Belongs to Jehovah'.

Are They 'The Truth' Or A 'False Religion'?

Jehovah's Witnesses cannot honor their mother on Mother's Day because that would be 'creature worship'. They cannot celebrate someone's birthday because that would be giving too much honor to a human. However they see no problem bowing down to Elders and the Governing Body (GB) of Jehovah's Witnesses as if they they represent God. Reverence, adulation, full cooperation and obedience is expected. [3]

The Watchtower doesn't have kind words for the clergy of Christendom. [1b] However the JW's don't see that their organization may be overstepping it's boundaries and infringing upon God's business. It's possible that they may have angered Jehovah more than the clergy. The religious leaders of Christendom ask for respect. JW Elders and the GB insist on obedience if you want to keep your religion, family and friends within the organization. [3] That's the difference.

References and Notes.

1. Unfortunately for some JW's, death is an attractive option. Why? Because they believe that if they die before armageddon, they will be resurrected to eternal life on a paradise earth. This means they don't have to work for everlasting life and they are assured of salvation. However if they are 'destroyed at armageddon' because they didn't measure up to Jehovah's high standards, there is no hope of a resurrection.

1b. The Watchtower says, 'Christendom’s clergy are lawless in that they have misled millions by promoting teachings, holidays, and behavior contrary to the Bible. Like the religious leaders whom Jesus condemned, the modern-day worshippers who are part of “the son of destruction” face destruction with no hope of a resurrection.' Watchtower June 15, 2008, Article: 'Things From Which We Must Flee'

2. See What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe About Jesus Their Mediator

2b. The Watchtower says, 'Today, the Governing Body represents the faithful and discreet slave class. There was a similar arrangement in the first century'. Watchtower June 15, 2009. Article: 'The Faithful Steward and Its Governing Body'. See God's Faithful and Discreet Slave

3. See Can Jehovah's Witnesses Disagree With Rules and Doctrines?

4. Even though Adam and Eve blamed a snake for deceiving them, it didn't make any difference. Blaming the serpent didn't save them. They lost their lives according to the Bible account. Likewise when our day comes and we stand before God, we can plead innocence because we were deceived and put all our faith in a religion instead of God alone. But it won't make any difference. Genesis 3:1-24; If you're a JW, put all your trust in God, not man. Your God Jehovah is a jealous God. Exodus 20:3; Deut 5:7; Judges 10:13; Exodus 34:14