Welcome To Paradise Earth.

Welcome To Paradise.

The promise of a paradise earth after armageddon warms the heart of every Jehovah's Witness. No more pain, suffering, sickness, or even death. It's a magical world filled with peace and happiness forever.

Mysteriously, in paradise there is nothing you can do to hurt yourself or others. You always feel great. Injuries never happen. If they do, no one notices. No pain and suffering is felt. Feelings never get hurt. No one ever says anything that's misunderstood or taken the wrong way. Relationships are perfect. No one crys or sheds any tears. Even germs, bacteria, and poisons can't hurt us. We never die. We never get sick. The former things have passed away.

Based on the natural laws of nature God put in place millions of years ago, we know that paradise earth is fictional. However Jehovah's Witnesses have faith. With God all things are possible.