What Rainbows Teach Us About God, Religion, and World Peace.

Many people study the Bible extensively and believe in God. However religions disagree in their viewpoints. Why is that?

Well, much like looking at a rainbow, it looks a little different depending upon where you're located. e.g. 100 people might see exactly the same event. However their story about what they saw will not be the same. There will be disagreement.

The same is true when people read the Bible or some other holy book or even a newspaper article. People could be reading exactly the same words and have different opinions as to what they read and what it means. Some will misunderstand. Some will take the words out of context. Some will see things that aren't there. Some will ignore Bible verses they don't like or that make no sense to them or that contradict verses that they do like.

Jehovah's Witnesses strongly believe they have the truth. Some even say they don't interpret the Bible. Why do they say that?

  1. Tunnel vision. They see no other logical way for scriptures to be interpreted (even though there are).

  2. They believe the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses talks with God and God tells them what to write in Watchtower publications. Thus even if the Bible contradicts what they believe, there's no problem. For JW's, the Watchtower's opinions are God's opinions. See Watchtower quotes indicating that rebellion against their organization is rebellion against God

  3. Thus if you quote scriptures that contradict what JW's believe, you can't make them see the truth. They'll say, yes that's what is says, but here's what it means. OR they'll say yes that scripture says that but your interpretation can't be right because this scripture says this. Without even realizing it, they're picking and choosing scriptures based on their beliefs rather than considering scriptures that contradict what they believe.

  4. This is exactly what they do in their book What Does The Bible Really Teach? The Watchtower decides what they will believe and what is 'the truth'. Then they go to the Bible to find one or more verses that seem to support their beliefs. Scriptures that don't align with their beliefs are ignored. If someone mentions those scriptures, they quote scriptures that do seem to support what they believe and then remind people that their organization is spirit directed by Jehovah and therefore they have 'the truth'.

Even though there are many religions, JW's believe they are on the narrow road to eternal life. The following article explains why religions who believe they have 'the truth' and everyone else is wrong, should examine why they believe their beliefs are better. What is the path to eternal life?

Today we have thousands of religions, belief systems, organizations, and spiritual viewpoints. Which religion has 'the truth'?

Is it possible that only one religion has been chosen by God to be his exclusive 'channel of communication'? The Jehovah's Witnesses strongly believe this to be true.

The Jehovah's Witnesses believe that their religious organization is 'God's faithful and discreet slave'.

Because of their beliefs, Jehovah's Witnesses preach door to door with urgency. Since the 1870's, the Bible Students, (now known as the Jehovah's Witnesses) have been feverishly preaching that armageddon is right around the corner, and the only way to survive is to join their religion. Watchtower Sept 1989.

Jehovah's Witnesses don't go door to door to wake people up on Saturday mornings. They go door to door to save lives before armageddon.

In spite of their zeal and close minded devotion to the Watchtower organization, they are very wrong. Their religion is no better than others, and in some ways it's a lot more dangerous.

For example, consider how this religion has caused so much pain and suffering for over a hundred years

  1. Watchtower quotes: Religious Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses Who Leave Their Religion

  2. Refusal of Blood Transfusions in emergency situations

  3. Million of lives have been wasted working for the Watchtower and preparing for it's False Predictions 1889 to 2008