What Did Jesus Say About Hatred?

Jesus is the path to eternal life. He hated no one. He was a perfect example of God's love for all people regardless of their beliefs. It was the Pharisees who knew how to hate.

The Bible says that the Pharisees hated Jesus because he exposed their hypocrisy. Pharisees were big on the rules of Jehovah and self importance, but they neglected the love of God.

The Bible mentions that Jesus ate with a Pharisee. Luke 7:36; He loved his 'enemies'. He even blessed his executioners and asked God to forgive them because 'they know not what they're doing'. Luke 23:32-34

Jesus spoke out against hypocrisy, unkindness, and lack of love. But he never hated people.

There's a difference between exposing the hypocrites and hating them. Disagreement is communication. Hatred of people is a rejection of the path to eternal life, - Jesus.

Jesus told His followers to love their 'enemies' and not to judge. In this way we become 'sons of the Most High because God is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.' Luke 6:35,37

JW's believe that everything the Watchtower teaches is based on what the Bible really teaches because they are God's faithful and discreet slave. There's only one big problem. Jesus taught love, - not hate.