'What Does The Bible Really Teach?'

We received this observation about the Watchtower publication, 'What Does The Bible Really Teach?', 2005. It's from someone who was studying with the JW's and discovered the truth.

'It's interesting that you mentioned hypnotic suggestions because I've
been analysing the "What Does the Bible Really Teach" booklet. It's
very repetitive as they increase the "dose", riddled with logical
fallacies and is written in a persuasive flattery style. I didn't know
what a logical fallacy was until recently myself, though I think we
all know what flawed logic is implicitly unless our emotions get in
the way, which it clearly does with JW's. Some of the later chapters
have words and phrases that are repeated over 20 times on one page! I
have to say, although it's shocking, I find it fascinating at the same
time. This is something I've been warning a lot of people I know about
too, as I could've easily fallen for it myself.

As you mention in your articles, knowledge is power, and this is so
true. This, coupled with unconditional love definitely makes a
difference. The more informed and loved we are, the better.'