What Good Does Disfellowshipping Do?

Does Disfellowshipping Strengthen The Faith Of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Does the threat of being disfellowshipped and cut off from your loved ones make Jehovah's Witness strong, happy, and healthy Christians? Is their faith strengthened by this practice? Or does the practice of disfellowshipping cause Witnesses to have nagging doubts about 'the truth'. How many Witnesses have left their faith forever because they know from reading the words of Jesus that the way Jehovah's Witnesses treat people who leave the faith is not acceptable to God?

The truth of the matter is that Witnesses with the strongest faith, are exposed to just as much 'wickedness' and worldly ideas as weaker Jehovah's Witnesses!!! How is that? Think about it. Aren't pioneers and people who do a lot of service the strongest Jehovah's Witnesses? They spend hundreds of hours every year debating religious opinions with worldly people! Aren't the elders and overseers who deal with apostate ideas and 'wrong doing' also strong? These people are exposed to opposing ideas just as much as other Witnesses, yet their faith is much stronger!!!

If being exposed to apostate ideas makes Witnesses stronger and more convinced they have the truth, why worry about judging people good or bad? Why censor information? Why hide information and opposing viewpoints? There is nothing to fear. Opposing ideas only make Jehovah's Witnesses more convinced they have the truth!