What It Was Like Being A Jehovah's Witness.

This Was My Life As A Jehovah's Witness In 1975.

This Is My Life Today.

My mission was to do Jehovah's will as explained by the Watchtower Society My mission is to love all people unconditionally as Jesus instructed in Luke 6:35
The Watchtower told me to hate apostates and 'enemies' who leave 'Jehovah's organization' Jesus told me to love everyone regardless of what they believe in. Matt 5: 44 - 47. I no longer have enemies
My salvation depended on my relationship with the Watchtower Society's 'slave' My salvation depends on my personal relationship with God. Matthew 28:18,19. See Salvation. The Best Religion. Will It Save You?
I avoided Satan's temptations and worked hard to be a good person I wouldn't dream of harming anyone because I love everyone as I love myself. Matthew 19:19
I belonged to Jehovah AND the Watchtower Society I belong only to God. 1 John 5:11,12
I knew armageddon was coming in 1975 I know armageddon didn't come in 1975.
I dreamed of the day Jehovah would destroy wickedness, pain, and suffering I dream of the day when wickedness, pain, and suffering is not possible because everyone is loved unconditionally
I associated only with Jehovah's Witnesses I associate with people who support my personal relationship with God
I was loved by friends and family based on my loyalty to the Watchtower organization. Love was conditional. My friends love me unconditionally. I have created my own family of people I love unconditionally. I am loved unconditionally by God.
I had to earn everlasting life by working hard for 'Jehovah's' organization As a follower of Jesus, eternal life is a free gift. Romans 5:15-23. It can't be earned or purchased by working hard for a man made organization
I was afraid I wasn't doing enough for Jehovah I am secure and feel God's unconditional love for me at all times
I spent my time meditating upon the Watchtower's instructions I spend my time meditating upon the love Jesus taught his followers to have
I praised Jehovah's way and believed that all other religions were 'false' I'm an example of God's unconditional love for all my neighbors no matter what church they belong to. I honor, encourage, and support all paths to God
I found God's love only at the Kingdom Hall I feel God's presence in any Church
I was afraid to express doubts about my religion because I didn't want to get disfellowshipped I thank God that I was disfellowshipped and set free to worship God according to my conscience
I felt sorry for unhappy people who were not Jehovah's Witnesses I feel sorry for unhappy Jehovah's Witnesses. They work hard in vain to please a man made publishing company that opposes the love Jesus taught. See Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses
World peace would be possible when the entire world was filled with Jehovah's Wtnesses World peace is possible only when people of all religions wake up and learn to love their neighbors unconditionally as Jesus instructed.

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