What It's Like To Be Disfellowshipped.

If you want to understand how painful disfellowshipping can be for Witnesses who have been in the faith all their life, imagine that your mother, father, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and all your closest friends died on the same day.

Then on the very same day you find yourself on the other side of the world in a foreign country with customs, rules, way of life, and traditions you don't understand. Even though you observe kind, loving, and good hearted people everywhere, there is much distrust because you are in a foreign land. On top of that you believe everyone hates people from your country. You're afraid of telling anyone where you came from and therefore you avoid close relationships. Your depressed because you miss your family, friends, and country, but you don't confide in others out of fear that they'll judge you harshly. No one understands you. Even though you have new friends, you feel alone.

Religious Pain And Suffering.

The Path From Depression To Happiness.

If you run across someone who doesn't quite fit in, and wants to be your friend, it might be a Jehovah's Witness who recently got disfellowshipped.

No one understands what it's like to leave the Watchtower unless they've been through it themselves. You might think it's exactly the same as leaving the Catholic faith or any other religion. It is not.

Some are determined to find happiness and make a good life for themselves outside the organization. Others become so emotionally upset and depressed that they have thoughts of taking their own life.

Even though Witnesses leave their religion physically, their minds are still at the Kingdom Hall. In other words when they leave they take all their beliefs with them. These keeps in a religious trap that's virtually impossible to escape from unless they ask for help from someone who's outside the trap. Unfortunately most recently disfellowshipped JW's will not ask for help.

Here's why most JW's don't ask for help when they leave.

  • They believe the Watchtower is God's channel of communication
  • They believe all governments, religions, social clubs, and people in general are part of 'Satan's organization' See Two Choices
  • They believe JW's are hated when in fact most people know very little about them.

We've talked with so many Witnesses who believe virtually nothing the Watchtower teaches but they still believe it's God's organization and the best religion. See Mind Control

Unless they want to get reinstated, disfellowshipped persons can't get help from family, friends, or anyone inside the organization. They are treated as if they are literally dead. On the other hand because of their beliefs, they don't ask for help outside of their religion.

Of course we are generalizing. Certainly some who are at the point of taking their own life, might be smart enough to say, I don't care what the Watchtower told me, I'm going to get professional psychiatric help. These people can recover in a few months or a year. However most Witnesses will try to find happiness on their own. This takes a lot longer. If they don't get help, unhappiness, extreme depression, lonliness, fear, anxiety, guilt, and so many toxic emotions can consume their life for decades. Some never recover. We've spoken with Witnesses who left over 30 years ago and are still thinking about going back. They still feel guilty and blame themselves. Knowledge is power, but knowledge is also useless if it is not sought after, studied, and acted upon.