What's Wrong With The Jehovah's Witnesses?

The organization leads Jehovah's Witnesses to believe that rebellion against them is virtually the same thing as rebellion against God

They even claim to be God's only channel of communication in the world today.

However according to the Bible, God has always wanted his people to have a direct relationship with him. Jehovah himself told his people not to have other Gods. Exodus 20:3; Duet 5:7; Judges 10:13; Jeremiah 44:5; Jeremiah 25:6; 2 Kings 17:35-38; Ezekiel 23:49

God speaks to all of us directly as we reach out to him in prayer and meditation.

Obedience and submission to a religious organization interferes with a Christian's relationship with God. e.g. If a Jehovah's Witness prays to God for wisdom and God gives an answer, what if that answer is different than what the organization says is 'the truth'? What if a Witness reads their Bible and God says there's nothing wrong with blood transfusions, celebrating holidays, or disagreeing with their religious leaders? A Jehovah's Witness must put the rules of the organization first and God second.

Obviously then, giving an organization the same reverence, loyalty, and devotion reserved only for God is not part of His plan.

Today, our direct relationship with Jesus and God's love is symbolized by baptism just like it was 2000 years ago.

Jesus instructed his followers to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, - NOT Jehovah and their favorite religion. Matthew 28:18,19; Notice that the baptismal vows of Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT based on what the Bible says.

Now is the time to stop the guilt, anger, fear, and unhappiness. If you're a JW and feel this way, come into God's light, accept his love for you, and take back your power.