When Did Disfellowshipping Start?

When Did The Watchtower Begin Disfellowshipping JW's?

Disfellowshipping began in the early 1950's. The March 1, 1952 Watchtower magazine discussed disfellowshipping in depth however April 15, 1951 Watchtower says, 'The Most High God will now have a clean visible theocratic organization. ... A person guilty of immorality may claim he has a right to mix in with the organization and may protest against being disfellowshiped. He protests and argues that by having access freely to the organization he will be helped to overcome his immoral relations with one of the opposite sex and thus be saved from the evil consequences of his course. But God’s Word orders the disfellowshiping of such immoral person as an expression of His judgment against him. Unless the guilty one repents and straightens out his life, he may not be forgiven and taken back into the society of the theocratic organization.' Watchtower Magazine, April 15, 1951, Article: 'Let Marriage Be Honorable Among All', par 22