Which Religion IS God's Organization?


God's organization is every man, woman, and child on the planet. He does not want us to obey human leaders of the Watchtower just like Jehovah didn't allow worship of idols in ancient times.

The same God who gave us life and keeps our heart beating, is perfectly capable of communicating with everyone on the planet at the same time if he wants to. He doesn't need the preaching activity of Jehovah's Witnesses, just like he didn't need a representative in Noah's day before the flood destroyed everyone.

We will not be judged based on how correct our beliefs are or how perfectly we keep strict religious laws and customs. Pretending to be better and more righteous than everyone else was the realm of the Pharisees.

Jesus exposed their hypocrisy, just like people today are exposing hypocritical religions that control and manipulate people for selfish gain. Consider the financial assets of the Watchtower and other religions. Who made these religions wealthy?

People believe that belonging to the best religion is the path to salvation. Instead they should be focused on behavior. Love is the path to eternal life and few are the ones finding it.

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