Who Will Be Saved?

Which Religion Would Jehovah Save, If Jehovah's Witnesses Did Not Exist Today?

It's 1870 and for some reason, Charles Taze Russell decides against forming the Bible Students who later went on to become the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Despite this setback, Jehovah wants to end wickedness and destroy Satan's organization ASAP. He needs to decide quickly which religious group he will save.

Jehovah Changes His Beliefs About Salvation.

For some strange reason Jehovah's rules have changed. In the past he directly warned and saved individuals that he loved.

Today his beliefs are different. Perhaps he's getting older. Maybe he doesn't have the energy to warn and save people by himself like he used to do in ancient times. Or perhaps there are more people on the planet now and the task is impossible for him to do by himself.

For whatever the reason, his new rule is that people must belong to a religion that he is using in order to be saved. Even though no human religion is perfect, anyone who wants to be saved must correctly guess the religion Jehovah is using for salvation and be a member in good standing when armageddon strikes.

Jehovah Decides Which Religion Is The Best.

The problem is that since Jehovah's Witnesses don't exist in this hypothetical world, even God doesn't know which religion he should pick. God knows that no religion is perfect and there are good people in almost every religion.

So it's a tough choice even for God. Here's what he wants to do.

  • Destroy all wickedness.
  • Save all the loving and kind people in the world who fear him.
  • Save only the people who belong to the correct religion

Since armageddon is right around the corner, God is forced to pick the best religion out of thousands. He finally narrows it down to these three choices.

How Well Do You Know Jehovah? Which Religion Will He Choose As His Organization That People Must Join To Be Saved?

Religion A: All members of this church are an example of the love Jesus had. They unconditionally love everyone regardless of beliefs. They don't study the entire Bible because doctrines are not important to them, - only love.

They don't preach the good news because they don't believe in armageddon. However because these people are so peaceful and accepting of everyone, they automatically attract millions of new members every year. Because of their teachings and beliefs about love, more people join this church than any other church in the world!

Religion B: Members of this church are in almost total agreement about doctrines and have the most correct interpretation of the entire Bible. Their doctrines never change because they have the truth. However they don't go door to door warning people because they don't believe they are the only true religion. They believe God will save the people he loves regardless of their religious beliefs. People join this church from referrals, friends, family, and the yellow pages.

Religion C: Members of this church spend most of their time going door to door recruiting members on God's behalf. They're doing the best they can to understand the Bible correctly but they admit they're not perfect. They can make mistakes. Their beliefs change. They are not in agreement about everything, but the are convinced they are the only true religion and God is using only them to save the world. So far they have warned millions of people about armageddon but only a small percentage join. Why?

The problem with this religion is that they are not popular like the other two. They have a lot of enemies because they condemn all other religions and accuse them of being part of Satan's wicked organization. They anger and offend God fearing people by publicly saying all spiritual beliefs are 'false' except for theirs.

Many believe religion C is a cult. They're unpopular because they go door to door waking people up on Saturday mornings. Some are afraid to even answer their door.

Even though their membership grows every year, many God fearing people who are not wicked or evil are turned off by this religion.

Jehovah is saddened. Religion C spends more time warning people about armageddon than any other church and Jehovah loves them very much. But there are millions of good people Jehovah wants to save and they refuse to join this religion.

Instead of joining Religion C, most of Jehovah's people are attracted to unconditional love taught by religion A. A few belong to Religion B. Other good people on God's list are dispersed throughout the thousands of other religions on the planet.

Some of God's people are so confused they don't know which religion is the best one. So they choose to trust in God, not religion. They worship God directly like Noah did. They love their neighbors, and enemies. Even though these people aren't members of any church, they are not wicked and evil.

Jehovah's Dilemma.

God wants to save people who belong to the best religion but he knows that the purpose of armageddon is to destroy wickedness. If people aren't wicked there is no need to destroy them.

Which Religion Will Jehovah Save?

There is no right or wrong answer. It's not a trick question. It's just something to think about for anyone who believes people must join the correct religion in order to be saved.

Jehovah's Choices If The People He Loves Don't Belong To The Best Religion When Armageddon Strikes.

How will Jehovah convince everyone he loves to join the best religion so he can save them? If the people he wants to save at armageddon don't belong to his church, here are some of his options.

  • Slaughter loving, peaceful people who don't belong to the right religion along with the evil ones. [1]
  • Visit the headquarters of the right religion and break into their computer network. Secretly type in the names of people he wants to save that are currently not members.
  • Postpone armageddon until every last person he wants to save belongs to the right religion.
  • Give up on his idea that all good people need to belong to the same religion. He could decide to save people he loves regardless of their religion.

1. By slaughtering people who are examples of Christ's love along with the wicked simply because they go to the wrong church, Jehovah would be even more evil than the fornicators, thieves, and wicked people condemned by the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor 5:11. ( Get the facts about the Apostle Paul and why some of his teachings contradicted the love Jesus taught his disciples to have. )

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