Why Do Intelligent People Believe in This Crazy Religious Idea?

Why Is God Laughing At Your Religion?

Ok. Maybe God isn't laughing at your particular religion. Maybe your religion is the only one that's teaching 'the truth' or 'the Bible' and there's no reason for God to find humor in what your religion teaches.

But the fact of the matter is there are countless religions and cults that believe what they teach is more truthful or more deserving of God's love.

The crazy religious idea is this. Whether they realize it or not, most religions to one degree or another make up rules, regulations, beliefs, and generally accepted 'truths' that no one dares to question. Then they expect God to believe in the same things they teach!

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

This is especially disturbing in cults like Watchtower that teach they are God's chosen channel of communication and everything they say is 'the truth' because it comes from God. With this belief system (or BS for short), they have indoctrinated children and programmed the minds of adults to obey them instead of God! This is rather scary and outright dangerous physically, spiritually, and emotionally to people who have been duped into thinking they obey God. ( See Mind Control )

For example in the JW faith, members are not allowed to have blood transfusions. The organization says it's God's law and in the Bible, but the truth is they made this rule up. It's not in the Bible at all. There weren't any blood transfusions in Bible times. All the Bible prohibited is the eating of blood. Certainly there must be a difference between eating blood sausages every morning for breakfast because you like the taste and having a blood transfusion to save a life. Were God's laws written to curse people or bless them? JW's say they must obey God even if it means death but nowhere in the Bible does it say you can't break God's laws to save a life. In fact Jesus broke God's law to do good. Luke 13:10-17 See Refusal of Blood Transfusions

They made a mistake many decades ago in teaching that members must not have a blood transfusion but because thousands of JW's have died needlessly, it's pretty hard for them to change their doctrine now and say all those faithful JW's died in vain. After all they claim to speak on behalf of God.

Also in the JW faith, the organization teaches God will destroy all other religions and governments. Only God's government or kingdom will prevail and it's assumed that the new rulers of the earth will be the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses who will continue to receive instructions from Jehovah after armageddon just like they did before armageddon.

So here we have it. Just one religion out of many that makes up what they believe, finds some evidence somewhere for what they believe no matter how shaky that evidence is (such as a Bible verse taken out of context or interpreted incorrectly, making up what a Bible scholar really said, or quoting an encyclopedia, etc.) and then expects everyone INCLUDING GOD to believe in the same things! How crazy is that?

In the JW faith this crazy way of thinking would mean God is obliged to obey the imperfect men who made up all these extreme beliefs. They expect God to act upon what they teach and fulfill prophecies made by the organization.

As proof this is a crazy religious idea, consider all the failed prophecies of the Watchtower. It should be obvious to any intelligent person that if there is a god he doesn't make false predictions over and over again. No, the Watchtower made their own prophecies out of thin air and then they expected God to fullfill them. Crazy isn't it?

Why Intelligent People Leave Religions Like The Watchtower.

Eventually intelligent people with integrity and self respect cannot live a lie anymore. They can't pretend to believe in things they don't believe in. They must leave even if it means they will be shunned forever by their families and former friends still inside religious cults like the Watchtower.

JW's are expected to believe they are more righteous, more Biblically correct, and more perfect in their conduct / religious practices than people who belong to 'false religions' and therefore they will be saved on the basis of works and loyalty to Jehovah's commands that are given by their Governing Body. Matthew 7:22,23. Intelligent people will research and make sure of all things.

The Watchtower religion and many others disrespect God when they tell their members what God will do and not do. They are pretending to know God and the Bible better than anyone else. They have proven to be false prophets. They are imposters. At the very best, they have been guessing what God requires and what God will do. Telling people they KNOW what God will do is like using God as a mindless remote controlled drone that does whatever they want it to do. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't we be humble, reverent, and respectful of God by allowing him to do whatever HE wants? Shouldn't we let God be god and let him guide us personally if he chooses to do so?

Some intelligent people abandon God along with their religion. Others believe in God and know Jesus commanded us not to judge. Yet the Watchtower has always done exactly the opposite. Read Shocking Watchtower Quotes About Other Religions

In any event, intelligent people who do some serious research and soul searching eventually see crazy religious ideas for what they really are.

The Watchtower for example has clearly added to what the Bible really says and insists JW's keep certain commands to the letter of the law even if it means death. Hypcritically they ignore God's simple, basic, and most important commands that bring love, life, happiness, and peace. Luke 10:25-37; Matthew 7:1-5; Matthew 5:43-45

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