Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Wrong.

12 Jehovah's Witness Beliefs That Are NOT In The Bible.

So many people believe the JW religion is wrong, but they don't know why. Many Jehovah's Witnesses feel the same way too. They keep saying they have 'the truth', but almost everyone has nagging doubts to some degree. Read more about spiritual confusion ...

Twelve Reasons Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Wrong.

1. Shunning Loved Ones. Matthew 10:34. 'I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.'

The organization judges, disfellowships, hates [2], and shuns JW's who leave the organization, contrary to the principles of love Jesus taught. Here's why they're wrong about shunning.

Jesus did not use a sword to pressure his enemies to follow him. It was the enemies of Christ who used 'a sword' to break up families and stop Christianity from spreading. Cutting off relationships with family members to pressure them to come back to Watchtower is a blatant rejection of the principles Jesus taught. Using a symbolic 'sword' to cut off association' with loved ones is something the enemies of Jesus did. By following the Watchtower's Shunning Policy, JW's are unwittingly being loyal to the enemies of Jesus! Examine the facts in this article, Matthew 10:34. 'I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.'

Hiding The Truth About Shunning.

JW's say that people can leave anytime they want and they are absolutely correct. Millions have left the Watchtower Society. There's only one little problem that they conveniently don't talk about. They are embarrassed to say that they're not allowed to associate with parents, children, close family members, and friends who leave. The fact that they attempt to hide this important information, should tell you something about their integrity. They know they're doing something wrong. But instead of changing their doctrines, they hide the truth from outsiders by saying JW's can leave at any time. No one stops them.

When forced to admit they shun family members who leave, JW's say they are being shunned for 'wrong doing' in order to keep the organization 'clean'. What they don't tell you is that since 1981, everyone who resigns from the organization is treated the same as those disfellowshipped for 'wrong doing'. There is no honorable way to leave this religion without losing your family and friends inside.

The Watchtower magazine says, ' One who has been a true Christian might renounce the way of the truth, stating that he no longer considers himself to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses or wants to be known as one. ... Persons who make themselves “not of our sort” by deliberately rejecting the faith and beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses should appropriately be viewed and treated as are those who have been disfellowshipped for wrongdoing.' Watchtower magazine, Sept 15, 1981, p 23, par 14-16 [highlighting added]

The Watchtower shunning policy has destroyed millions upon millions of families and close personal friendships since 1952 when disfellowshipping first began. They won't volunteer that information. They want to keep it a secret, but it's a fact easily documented on this website and in Watchtower publications. It's public record.

In the following video, JW's are told to blame family members who leave! After all, if they didn't leave, the relationships would still be in tact.

Watchtower also blames Jehovah for destroying families. They say that Jehovah requires loyalty, instead of accepting responsibility and saying Watchtower requires loyalty. JW's are required to follow organizational rules, regardless if they are right or wrong. God doesn't require people to belong to a religion and follow their rules.

JW's are free to continue worshipping Jehovah after they leave if they choose to do so. JW.ORG disfellowships, shuns, and hates. [2] God does not. Luke 6:35; Disfellowshipping from the Watchtower organization doesn't end one's relationship with God. This is a glaring false assumption. In fact the opposite is true. Leaving JW.ORG allows JW's to worship God exclusively and directly. By rejecting JW.ORG they can be 100% loyal to God alone.

JW's are loyal to God based on what JW.ORG told them God said. Disfellowshipped JW's can choose to be loyal to God based on what God told them directly.

Listen to the Watchtower representative in this video explain why shunning is a test of loyalty to Jehovah, Jesus, and 'God's organization' (the Watchtower).

  1. Notice in the above video that 'apostates', Jehovah, and even Jesus is blamed for breaking up families. The only party that does not accept responsibility is JW.ORG.. This is interesting because JW's shun members who leave because it is required by JW.ORG.

  2. Watchtower Quotes about Hating JW's (apostates) who leave their religion. (Everyone who leaves is thought to be a wrong doer and evil person, - especially if they say anything negative about JW's or join another church. There is no honorable way to leave JW.ORG. That's one of the reasons people say it's a cult. It's easy to join but very hard to leave.)

2. Indirect Access To God.

JW's do not have an exclusive relationship with Jesus. They do not partake in the bread and wine that represents the body of Christ unless they are part of the 144,000. This means they cannot benefit from the sacrifice of Jesus unless they fully cooperate with the Governing Body (GB) of Jehovah's Witnesses. What's wrong with this? Read these articles.

3. The Faithful and Discreet Slave.

The organization leads JW's to believe 'the faithful and discreet slave', God's faithful steward, or the 144,000 has a relationship with Jesus. The truth is that the GB and a few men in NY call all the shots. They 'represent' the 'slave class' or the 144,000. And now in 2012, they've said that the Governing Body is the faithful and discreet slave. The organization has been run by a few men in NY since 1919. The 144,000 have never had any authority or voice in the organization like JW.ORG taught for many decades. Once again, lying to those who are entitled to know the truth, is not Bible based.

Why not say, JW's must obey the GB if that's the truth? Because that would be idolatry. Would it not? Jehovah is a jealous God and demands exclusive devotion. By talking in terms of the 'faithful and discreet slave', 'faithful steward', 144,000, anointed remnant, and other terms that are in the Bible it sounds like the authority of the GB is in the Bible, when in fact it is not.

Seven million JW's are unwittingly obeying 8-12 imperfect humans as they are God.

4. Baptism Vows.

Since 1985 JW's have been baptized in the name of God and their religion. This conflicts with the instructions of Jesus in Matthew 28:18,19. Since 1985, the baptism vows of JW's have not been valid because they are not Bible based.

5. Religious Propaganda.

They claim to be a 'theocratic organization', but it is not. It is not run by God. They are not God's channel of communication. No where in the Bible does it say an organization speaks on behalf of God. This doctrine is not Bible based.

6. False Teachings About Eternal Life After Death.

Strict rules and righteous is not the way to earn eternal life. Everlasting life cannot be earned. According to the Bible you cannot buy eternal life by working hard to promote your religious beliefs. Eternal life is 'inherited' and a free gift that has already been paid for by Jesus. As long as we try to earn eternal life, we never know if we've done enough for God. But when we know the truth that we are saved by God's grace and not be our own righteousness, we know for sure that we are saved.

7. Hidden Information.

Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong because what they know depends on their rank. The truth is hidden and dispensed on a need to know basis. This fits in nicely with the organization's theocratic warfare strategy that says it's ok and even commendable to hide the truth from those who are 'NOT ENTITLED to it'. The theocratic war doctrine protects the organization at the expense of trusting JW's.

e.g. On a congregation level JW's are not allowed to read the handbook for Elders which explains all the rules of the organization and how they will be enforced if a JW breaks organizational rules. This information should be made available to all JW's, especially before they get baptized.

Hiding the rules and punishments is like asking someone to sign a contract without letting them read the fine print.

Hiding the truth from those who ARE ENTITLED to it is not Bible based. The Bible does not promote dishonesty.

8. Depression.

Although the JW's have many good beliefs, some of them can lead to mental illness.

Worse yet Watchtower's policy on blood transfusions can lead to needless deaths and unimaginable emotional pain, - all because they've misinterpreted what the Bible really says.

Refusing blood transfusions is NOT Bible based. Notice what the Bible really says in this article.

9. New World Translation Bible.

JW's believe their NWT Bible is the best translation, however there is much debate about it's accuracy. If it's not an accurate translation, then their doctrines are not accurate either. It would be better if JW's were to consider what all Bible translations say in order to get a more truthful perspective on God's Word. Examine the evidence.

10. Jesus Told Us Not To Judge.

Jesus told his followers not to judge. However the organization has judged all other religions harshly and say these will be destroyed by God at armageddon. Only JW's and their organization have any scriptural hope. Watchtower magazine Sept 1989. However JW.ORG is guilty of misleading their members just as much as the clergy of Christendom, and perhaps even more so.

For example Christians respect their religious leaders. They might have the title of Reverend or Father. JW's would not think of giving those titles to their Elders because it honors humans to excess. Jehovah requires exclusive devotion. However they don't have problem respecting and obeying Elders. Christendom's leaders are respected. JW elders and the GB is obeyed.

Critics say that the jealous God Jehovah would never approve of such a thing, just like a jealous wife wouldn't share her husband with another woman. Christians obey God. JW's obey the organization. Since the organization is thought to be God's channel of communication, God speaks his truth to the organization and the organization tells JW's what God has said. Once again, why is this necessary? If a person reads the Bible and prays to God for understanding, will God not answer them? Of course he will.

11. Hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses Who Leave Their Religion.

JW.ORG Incites Jehovah's Witnesses to hate apostates. [2] This is contrary to the instructions of Jesus to love your enemies. Even though JW's fear questioning the organization, many refuse to hate anyone because they know such wisdom is not from God.

12. False Assumptions.

Since 1925 the Watchtower Society has been teaching the false assumption that there are only two organizations, God's organization, the Watchtower organiztion and Satan's organization everyone else. This may be a reason why Witnesses will defend the organization even when the disagree with almost everything. They only have two choices. Neither one is attractive. This Watchtower doctrine is not Bible based.

God's love exists in most religions. Satan, unkindness, and the temptation to do evil exists in all religions as well, - including the JW.ORG religion. JW's are constantly reminded to resist Satan. Why? Because he influences JW's just like he influences everyone else. No one has become all knowing or perfect yet.

More Reasons Why Watchtower Is Wrong.

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  • Watchtower Quotes: Obey Us (God created humans to be free. He created dogs to obey.)
  • Watchtower says God will save the 'meek' and the 'teachable'. However there's a difference between being teachable and being gullible. Christians follow Jesus. Was Jesus gullible? Did he believe everything the Jewish teachers (pharisees) said? No. Jesus was an example of love and compassion. Jesus said love is the path to eternal life, but he fearlessly exposed hypocrisy. He condemned an organization of religious leaders who controlled and used the people.

Why Are Jehovah's Witnesses Leaving Their Religion?

  1. Candid VIDEOS: Why Prominent JW's Have Left the Watchtower Society. See JW's Testify

Continued > Is Watchtower A Dangerous Religious Cult?

1. Former JW's and outsiders are not the 'bigots' and persecutors of JW's they're accused of being. The bigots and religiously intolerant people are loyal supporters of the organization. See this web page on Yahoo answers for an example of this. Notice how JW's discredit former members and hide the truth. The JW with the 'best answer' says the comments of people who 'claim' to be former JW's are 'bigoted and prejudiced'.

Some JW's are unaware of the truth because Watchtower hides information from them. They sincerely believe they are living in spiritual paradise because that's what they're told and they're not allowed to consider opposing viewpoints with an open mind. See Mind Control. Others know the truth and are practicing 'theocratic warfare'. This means hiding the truth from those who are not entitled to it.

2. For decades the Watchtower Society has been telling JW's to hate members who leave. Anyone who leaves for any reason, is thought to be a 'wrong doer' or an evil person. This is especially true if they speak out against how Watchtower controls and manipulates it's members through repetitious fear based messages, disfellowshipping, and shunning. As proof of this take a look at these Watchtower quotes about hating people who leave. The article is called Religious Persecution